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The Catch: A Ms. H Television Show Review



The Catch:  A Ms. H Television Show Review

Disclaimer: The Catch television show review is mine alone and does not represent the views of

Introduction to The Catch:  A Ms. H Television Show Review

The Catch television show I watched recently on Monday, March 28, 2016 on ABC was actually a rerun. The Catch normally airs Thursdays on ABC.  However, I think in an attempt to get the audience viewers who originally stay on ABC after watching Dancing with the Stars  to see Castle, The Catch was placed in this new, temporary time slot.

The television show Castle is usually scheduled to follow Dancing with the Stars.  Personally, I do not watch Castle so I would not be the audience this show was trying to get.  However, since I was curious about The Catch, I decided to keep watching to find out what  it was all about. Previously I watched The Catch television show previews and I must say I was impressed this television show has a female lead who seemed to be somewhat of the action/investigative star who was not  merely a follower like some of the other female  characters in similar type television shows.

To make a long story short, I was not disappointed by this premiere episode of The Catch. Here’s my review to explain why I enjoyed watching The Catch.


Synopsis of The Catch Television Show


By this time, you may have or have not seen The Catch television show.  The storyline of  the show centers around Alice Vaughn played by Mireille Enos. She is a private investigator who is out to locate a Mr. X in the premiere episode.   After a series of incidences involving her meeting with Christopher Hall, played by actor Peter Krause, interesting events occur that cumulate with her trying to find out the true identity of this client.

The dilemma is by the time Alice Vaughn finds out who Christopher Hall really is -- He seemingly has “disappeared.”  The remainder of the show is almost a textbook detective/private investigative story -- where she ends up searching for him -- for more reasons than one.


Personal Involvement of the Characters in The Catch Television Show


Spoiler Alert. The main character, Alice Vaughn becomes involved romantically with Christopher Hall, who she finds out later is a con artist who unfortunately is not working alone. To add to the drama, Christopher Hall appears to  have a female boss who is also interested in him as well.


Reality of The Catch Television Show


To me, it seemed unlikely that after completing his con -- Christopher Hall would stay around the local area where he “disappeared” from and pretend to be yet  someone else.  In other words, he stays in the area  and as a con artist  steals the secrets of a new invention that is worth a lot of money.  


There is an unexpected chance meeting between Christopher Hall and Alice Vaughn at an event and unrealistically -- they just stare at each other before, of course all the lights go out.  

The question is was she trying to find him because she still had emotions for him, or if she was more intent on catching and  exposing him as the con artist that he is.


Assessment of The Catch Television Show


I like this show so far  because it stars a slightly older woman in this day and age when youthful actresses seem to be all the demand.  I also like the show has a diverse cast.  

I plan to continue watching this show for now  to see what happens next.  Will this show be one that will keep my interest or will it evolve into a show that becomes not only predictable, but even worse -- more or less unrealistic? I guess time will tell.


Rating of The Catch Television Show


On a scale of one star  to five stars with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest, I give the premiere episode of The Catch three stars.  

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New Apple TV Exclusive First Look - Unboxing

apple tv 100613714 primary.idge

Is it just me, or does it seem to you like Apple TV is the step-child of Apple products, including the various makes of the iPad,  the iPhone and Apple watch.  During the Apple Event held on September 9, 2015, I think  the Apple TV did not get its just due.  In my opinion, Apple TV is probably one of the most reasonably priced of the Apple product line, but appears to be pushed aside behind the other products.

Well, that is about to change in one aspect, any way.  Unlike some of the upcoming Apple products discussed during the event, such as the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, the Apple Pencil,  the iPad Mini and the iPad Pro -- which have not been officially released yet--apparently, the new Apple TV has been unboxed. Of course this unboxing could be a marketing ploy from Apple, but at least you get to have the first look at the actual 2015 model of the Apple TV.  Check out the video below.


Apple TV

Remember, you cannot purchase the Apple TV just yet since the Apple TV discussed during the Apple Event has not hit the shelves.  The release date for the latest rendition of the Apple TV is October, 2015 with a starting price of $150.00

Check out this link from for more details about the Apple Event as well as the Apple TV.

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Fifty Shades of Black - A Ms. H Movie Review

Disclaimer:  The views expressed in the Ms. H movie review of Fifty Shades of Black is mine alone, and do not represent those of


Introduction to Ms. H Movie Review of Fifty Shades of Black Movie


Note: The movie Fifty Shades of Black is no longer appearing in the movie theaters in my area -- and good riddance. If I could take back the wasted time I spent watching this insulting, repulsive movie, I would gladly do so.


When I saw the opening scenes of the movie, Fifty Shades of Black, I had no idea what I was in for.  I was under the impression there would be some type of spoof or mild comparison between the original movie, Fifty Shades of Grey and this one. Using the word "mild" is a gross understatement.  The movie, Fifty Shades of Black went in so many different negative directions, most of them disparaging against African Americans, that I lost count and could hardly believe what I was seeing on the screen.


This movie has Marion Wayans, an African American actor as the headliner of the "story", if you can call an insulting movie about a race of people a "story." I can't use the word "star" because real "stars" in my book would not stoop so low as to be in a movie of the lowest calibre as one such as Fifty Shades of Black. It is no wonder that when Marion Wayans was asked about the movie on a game show he was appearing on, he described it as a "little movie I'm working on that will be out soon."  That's it?  No clip? No mention of the directors or other actors in the movie? No -  Just saying a little under his breath "a little movie I'm working on that will be out soon." After seeing the movie, Fifty Shades of Black in its totality -- I can see vividly why he did not make an effort to plug this awful movie. Yes -- the movie was that bad.


Stereotypes in Fifty Shades of Black Movie


Where do I begin? There were so many stereotypes, especially against African American women and African American men that I do not know where to start.  However, to be fair, there was a segment where they showed different women of various races reactions to certain adult actions that were happening in the movie. In my opinion, the portrayal of the African American woman toward these actions was shown as the worst of them all.


It did not help that Marion Wayans' mother was caucasian actor Jane Seymour who perpetually kept her purse near her whenever her adopted son (Marion Wayans) was around. The audience did not have to wonder why this was being done. She actually said out loud something to the effect that she can never be too careful when she is holding her purse around Marion Wayans!


It gets worse. There was dialogue that involved African American men so-called preference for caucasian women with Jane Seymour taking the time to name several well-known African American celebrities who chose to date or marry caucasian women.  


What really got under my skin (in a bad way) was when his mother, Jane Seymour said that she thought Marion Wayans could do much better than the African American female he was dating.  She then mentioned something about him getting an upgrade.  I was thinking that maybe she meant that he could have chosen someone who had a better job, higher career goals, etc.  Instead, she was referring to his girlfriend's race of African American.  I'm glad this was a rated M for Mature movie and that young African American girls did not have to watch the negative images placed upon African American women.


Of course there were other stereotypes and biases dealing with African American men as well. In fact, the whole movie seemed to be just a degrading compilation of African American stereotypes that did not sit well with me. In between the stereotype-casting, there was a storyline where they tried to follow the original movie, but it seemed to me the emphasis was to throw out as many stereotypes about African Americans as they could.


The movie did not stay true to the original that it was supposedly spoofing. I think if I had rights to the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, I would have sued for defamation based on using my movie to humiliate African Americans as well as this movie going against common decency. Yes -- there were also some adult images that I had to turn my head away from since they were so grotesque. Who said that once you become an adult, you have to be subjected to seeing images that should not be allowed to be shown on a movie screen?


Use of the "N" word in Fifty Shades of Black Movie


If movies were in the habit of refunding people's money because of inappropriate content within said movie, I would have not asked, but demanded the return of my movie admittance money. I would have at least requested to see another movie instead of this one. I stayed and watched the movie -- not because I wanted to, but to see just how far this movie would go to try to tear down the image of African Americans in a movie that was ironically for the most part starring African Americans.


Personally, as a general practice, I do not pay to see movies that glorifies the "N" word.  In fact, I do not watch them at all. For example, I have not seen the movie Django because I heard about the number of times this racial slur was used in the movie.  If someone had told me that Marion Wayans would say the "N" word even one time during the movie, I wouldn't have seen this movie. He said the "N" word not once, but many times during the movie. And ending the word with an "a" does not change the derogatory meaning of it.


If you know African American history, you would know that this is the name that was used when slave owners and others referred to slaves.  Fast forward to the future, and I hear this name being used, almost as if it is an honor to say it -- which by the way, it is not. To me, this word is a reminder how once and even in some places today, people who were human beings were denied the right to learn how to read, write and was literally sold as property. Caucasian men and women routinely called African Americans this name without a flinch of an eye during that time and sometimes even today -- if you let them get away with it.


Black Lives Matter Spoof on the Movie Fifty Shades of Black


I could not believe that Marion Wayans had the audacity to spoof such a serious topic as Black Lives Matter. He made fun of the endearing slogan Black Lives Matter and made it seem as if it was all a joke. I'm sure the African Americans who lost their lives because of actions of unscrupulous police and others as well as their friends and families would not think this is a laughing matter.  Marion Wayans should be ashamed of himself for making light of the fact that Black Lives Matter. I will say it like I mean it -- all jokes aside -- Black lives do matter.


As a Black man, I'm sure Marion Wayans has been profiled and treated as a second- class citizen sometimes when pulled over or confronted by the police or others. The people referenced in Black Lives Matter are no longer with us, and their memory should not be tarnished by their unfortunate predicaments being mirrored in such a ridiculous, racist movie as Fifty Shades of Black.


Rating for Fifty Shades of Black


If I could give the movie, Fifty Shades of Black a zero star, I would.  However, the lowest rating is 1 star, and the highest rating is 5 stars.   I would give the movie, Fifty Shades of Black a -1 star which is less than one.   My basis for such a low score is the preponderous of negativity towards African Americans, as well as the use of the "N' word in the movie and the overall inappropriateness of this movie.  I do not in any way, shape or form recommend that you see this movie and I strongly urge you not to buy this movie if it is ever released on DVD.


You may have noticed that I have not posted any pictures from the movie Fifty Shades of Black. The reason for this is I do not want you to get the idea that I support this movie in any way, shape or form. I'm also disppointed in all of the actors in this movie who worked in it and made it possible to be made.


You may say they made the movie for money? To what cost is respect and dignity for a people who have suffered much and still do in many ways. Respect and all that the word signifies does not come with a price tag!


Thanks goodness the majority of American people have spoken and the movie, Fifty Shades of Black is no longer in the movie theatres. The memory of me watching this movie is already erased from my mind.


Usually, I post a youtube video of the movie trailer for the movies I review.  However, since I do not recommend you see the movie Fifty Shades of Black, I will be posting a video from my recent trip to the Black Hisory Museum in Alexandria, VA that I visited during my travels.


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Remembering 9/11 - 14 Years Later

 Remembering 9/11 

There are moments when time seems to stand still, then there are other instances where time seems to fly by.  It may be difficult to believe that it has been 14 years since the most deadly act of terrorism was inflicted upon the United States.  Since that time, the United States has been avenged in a way by the capture and destruction of the terrorist who sought to do us harm.  However, even though the thought that someone would inflict such an atrocious act against innocent people is simply beyond comprehension -- it did in fact happen.  It happened on September 11, 2001, when 2,753 people gave their lives for the freedom of us all. 

They made the ultimate sacrifice, and in so doing, should not fade away from our memory, but remain there, reminding us that it is because of them, that we, in the United States continue to enjoy and experience the freedoms afforded to us by our great nation.


Remembering 9/11

This morning on television I watched a  9/11 observance televised from the Nation's Capital in honor of this tragic, yet historic day.  I stood up, bowed my head and shared the moment of silence with the President of the United States, the First Lady and others during this sad moment.  Bugle horns sounded afterwards as they made their way back into the White House. This was indeed a solemn occasion.

You, including myself, can probably recall exactly where you were when this tragic event happened.  However, I think that even more important than remembering where we were, is remembering those who perished and to help keep their memories alive.  

If you look hard enough, you will find a silver lining in a cloud.  in my opinion, it is important to remember the advances and progress that were made since 9/11.   The United States showed the world that its spirit is resilient, strong and unwaivering, during and after the terrible events of 9/11.  Since that time, the terrorist perpetrator or should I say monster responsible for this horrendous act was captured and lost his life, after having alluded capture for more than ten years after 9/11 happened.  In the place of the majestic twin towers of the World Trade Center which were destroyed during the terrorist attacks, is the One World Trade Center, which is the tallest skyscraper in New York as well as the Western Hemisphere. 

 Remembering 9/11

Of course, buildings can be replaced.  What is not replaceable are the lives that were lost senselessly in what has gone down in history as the greatest terrorist act against the United States.  Courageous fallen heroes of 9/11 and all that they stood for should continue to live on in our hearts and in our minds -- on this day, September 11, 2015 -- Fourteen years later.  Never forget.

God bless America.

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Blindspot: Jaimie Alexander Female Action Star - Television Show Review


Now that the season finale has aired, I think this is a good time for me to review the Blindspot television show.  I intended to review the show earlier, but was on the fence on just how I felt about it.  Whenever I decided that certain improvements were needed in the show, sometimes the story line delivered what I was looking for.   Other times, in fact most of the time, Jaimie Alexander's character was pushed too far in the background.


The main reason I watched Blindspot was I thought the female lead character would actually be the lead character and not just someone tagging along behind a male lead.  Of course it was understandable that Jaimie Alexander's character would be a follower in the beginning because she was relatively new to what was happening all around her.  Coupled with the fact she lost her memory, it seemed logical she would not have a prominent part in the series during the beginning episodes.  

However, as the episodes moved along and Jaimie Alexander's character showed she was just as capable of being an FBI agent as her male lead, I was anticipating she would move out more on her own.  This did happen in one episode when she parted ways with her partner and was leading another FBI agent who was helping her guard one of the bad guys.  This was one of my favorite episodes along with about two other episodes where Jaimie Alexander's character came out from under the shadows of the male lead.


The problem I see with Blindspot as a television show that seems to be advertising heavily that it has a female starring in an action role is the large cast of characters in the show. In fact, there are so many other characters in the series sometimes Jaimie Alexander's character has little to say or do mainly because the other characters share their take on the events stemming from the tattoos on Jaimie Alexander's body. Consequently, Jaimie Alexander's character sometimes appears to be just a map.


Spoiler alert.  The  problem of the gigantic cast of characters in Blindspot was sort of rectified when a few were eliminated and one of the FBI agents resigned.   This happened in the season finale.  However, in this same episode, yet another female character was introduced to share her views on the case they were working on.


During the season finale, there was a scene that would have been an exciting cliff hanger which I think the writers overlooked.  This happened after Jaimie Alexander showed her male counterpart  she was attracted to him when she met him after sneaking away from the safe house.  Within minutes of their  separate departures, she was kidnapped and snatched away in a white van.  In my opinion, the season finale could have stopped there leaving viewers with lots of questions, such as why was she kidnapped, who kidnapped her, would she remember who kidnapped her, etc.


Instead the finale moved to a scene where she is being water-boarded by the suspicious CIA character who had  previously appeared in the television series.  Thankfully, just when she was getting ready to be put in a lot of pain by this CIA agent, she is saved by a male who she has flashbacks of as being her finance.   He shows her a smartphone with a video saying she  tattooed herself and wiped away her own memory.  In the mean time, her FBI partner calls her phone and looks worried when she does not answer.


In my opinion, this was a cheesy type ending, but it's an ending I will accept.   Why?  Because finally, the television show is focusing on Jaimie Alexander's character as it should be.  There is not an array of other characters around trying to give their two-cents worth of information on an impending case.  There is no FBI female director around who appears to have a shady past.  There is no research person around giving her interpretations of the tattoos who seems to be trying to take over Jaimie Alexander's position as the lead actor.  And even more importantly, no latter scenes with them chasing criminals up the stairways, culminating in fist fights or other altercations.  To me, these series of events became repetitive after awhile.


After watching every episode of Blindspot since its debut, with some exceptions, it was the final few minutes of the television series where it appeared the writeres remembered this show is about a female action star, who should have scripts and action scenes written with that in mind.


Based on a rating of 1  to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Blindspot 2 1/2 stars mainly because the story lines pushed Jaimie Alexander's character in the background in more of a supporting role instead of a leading role.  There were a few exceptions, but in the majority of episodes, Jaimie Alexander's character was relegated to asking questions, looking puzzled, and acting unsure of herself.


The good news is Blindspot returns to NBC in February, 2016.  Hopefully with Season 2, the writeres will get Jaimie Alexander's character right, and let her become more of a leader and a true female action star the second time around. 


Blindspot Debut Read More


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