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Sony Network Hacked...Again! Account Holders Notified!


Sony Network Hacked

Source of News:  New York Times, Hiroko Tabushi, October 12, 2011

Article:  Sony Freezes Gaming Accounts After Hacking Attacks

Sony has reported its network has been hacked, affecting approximately 93,000 users, whose accounts were locked. A previous security breach on its network happened a few months back. Continual security breaches may be beginning to affect consumers' confidence in the security of Sony's web-based services.

Sony suspects the hackers obtained users' login information from other sources, and used that information to infiltrate Sony's Network.  In my opinion, Sony seems to be downplaying the seriousness of this security breach by stating that it was not a direct hit on Sony. Sony also states that access was gained to only a few accounts and no credit card or other sensitive information were stolen.

Sony's security was previously attacked back in April, 2011, when approximately 100 million accounts were hacked.  Credit card and other information were stolen and Sony was forced to shut down the network.  It took Sony about 2 months to restore the network back to full operations.

Here is a graphic about the hacking.


Ms.H's take:  With all the money that Sony has at its disposal, security should be at its top echolon of priorities.  After being hacked a few months back, there is no excuse that Sony's network was weak enough to suffer yet another attack.  Sony should not downplay this attack.  It is apparent that its network (as I'm sure many others) is the target of hackers, so it is up to Sony to work diligently to prevent future security breaches. 

Also Sony should consider that when consumers lose confidence in the security of a company's products and services, they may opt out from using the products and services period.  If consumers take this route, Sony would suffer even more losses, than it is currently experiencing.  

Ms. H's message to Sony -- Please get your priorities straight!  Move Network security to the top of your list not only to protect consumers' credit and sensitive information --  but to protect your bottom line as well!

Two positive notes here:  Sony did not attempt to hide or cover up the security breach, and it appears they took immediate action to notify the affected account holders.  Also, this taught us a lesson to change our passwords frequently.

This article mentioned the same passwords were used by consumers/users among different accounts, which enabled the hackers to break into the system.  So another lesson is for us to not only change our passwords often, but to also refrain from using the same password across and among different systems.

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Video Games: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron! Available in 2012!


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

 Source of News: The Sacramento Bee, PR Newswire, October 7, 2011 

Article:  Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Video Game Officially Announced for 2012

Are you ready for the return of battling robots that can also transform!  Then wait no longer.  Activision has  officially announced that Transformers:  Fall of Cybertron will be available in 2012.

Currently in development by the acclaiimed team from Moon Studios, this game will take you deep in the action packed fight of the robots for the control of their dying planet.  You can expect an original story line with lots of new characters made possible by the collaboration of Hasbro with Activision.

Here is more art on the new Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game.




Ms. H's take:  Hooray!  I'm happy to hear that a new Transformers video game is in the works.  Keep those Autobots fighting against the Decepticons, and may the best Transformer win!

In my opinion, if this game is anything like the one I played and reviewed on Mom's Minute, you are in store for a lot of epic action, hopefully culminating in victory! 

I played Transformers:  War for Cybertron  game online against other players.  I enjoyed the comradery and helpfulness of my team.  I recall inadvertently venturing away from the battle scenes a few times.  My team members helped me and led me back to where the action was. That's what I call true team spirit!

Transformers:  Fall of Cyberton is another game (of many) that I'm looking forward to playing and reviewing for you!

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Video Games: Mass Effect 3! Available 2012!


Mass Effect 3:  Available early 2012

Source of News:, October 10, 2011

Article:  Video Games:  Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed

Mass Effect 3 will be here soon! I'm happy to be the one to bring this news to you!  But first, I would like to discuss Mass Effect 2, the previous version of this game.

 I played and reviewed Mass Effect 2 on Mom's Minute.  I found this game to be enjoyable, fun to play and most importantly to me was the fact that I was given lots of choices during this game!

You may listen to my review of Mass Effect 2 on my YouTube video to the right.  Because I enjoyed playing Mass Effect 2 so much, I placed it  2nd in my reviews behind Bioshock.

So what is the news here?  For the first time, Bioware will be offering Mass Effect 3 with a multiplayer mode. Of course you can continue saving the galaxy using the single player mode if you prefer.

Here is a picture showng the cover art of Mass Effect 3.


Mass Effect 3 Cover

Ms. H take:  Mass Effect 3 is another game that I look forward to playing and reviewing for you!  If Mass Effect 3 is as fun to play as Mass Effect 2, then you can anticipate some very exciting game action! 

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Video Games: Too Conservative? Not Enough Variety? Really?


Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West

Source of News:  Kotaku, Mark Serrels, October 6, 2011

Article:  Does Hollywood Provide More Variety than Video Games

The author of this article is using the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West video game as an example of how conservative video games are. I played and reviewed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West awhile back on Mom's Minute.  I was impressed with the graphics, but the game did not place in my top ten because it seemed to be just a "regular" video game. To me, there was nothing special about this game.

It seems that my opinion of this video game has "come home to roost."  A video game publisher is  blaming the drop in sales of the Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West video game on the fact that  nothing new was being offered in this game. In other words, this video game continued to follow the same tried and true game plays of other video games, without innovations or changes.

Specifically, Tameem Antoniaes, the Chief Creative Officer at Ninja Theory is inferring that the current successful video games such as Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption are the templates, so to speak, of other new video games. 

He then talks about The King's Speech movie.  He questions if a video game publisher would take the chance of bringing out a video game based upon this movie  -- which is about someone with a speech impediment.

Looks like he is saying movies have more latitude to try different story lines when compared with video games.  His take is that so much is at stake, that publishers are very conservative in their approach to new and fresh ideas for  games.  There are far-reaching negative results if a video game fails.  

Here is another scene form Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West as well as a picture of the video game cover.


Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West


Enslaved:  Odyssey to the West video game cover

Ms. H take:  I think the Creative Officer is comparing apples with oranges when he tries to contrast the realm of possibilities of video games to that of movies. 

I think that games have to be interesting and exciting to the individual player in order to hold the video game player's attention.  Movies can use a certain theme, in order to bring out different emotions in people, for example, maybe one would feel empathy while watching the King's Speech.

However, on the other hand  if the King's Speech was a video game,  I think  in order for the game to be successful, there has to be challenges, puzzles, adventures, or something else in order to keep the video game player's interest. 

 Also, when considering the high cost of some of these games, I think it is in the video game companies' best interest,  from a bottom line perspective, to be sure that the video game player is getting his or her money's worth!

That being said, I do believe that some video games offer variety and are far from conservative, with some even delving into character development and more! The video game companies must be doing something right in order to gain an overall 1% increase in 2011 sales, over 2010, in a downed economy -- but that is another news story!

Ms. H Wrap-Up:  Just as movies evolved from their early beginnings to where they are now and probably will progress to in the future -- I believe that video games are also ever evolving as well. We may one day have video games that span the full gamut of movies, but it will take time.  Even if this does happen, the common factor I believe successful games must have, now as well as in the future, is entertainment value!

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Before saying goodbye, Mom's Minute would like to  send condolences to the family of Steve Jobs, Apple visionary, who fought courageously in his battle with cancer.  

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Steve Jobs - 1955-2011 - A Tribute


Steve Jobs

Mom's Minute is honored to pay tribute to Apple Visionary Steve Jobs.  Above is the picture of Steve Jobs that is currently displayed, singularly on the full home page of Apple's website.

Steve Jobs'  expression begets his ever-searching, ever-thinking, ever-imagining personna of one who would show us that if we can think it, if we can even imagine it -- we can make it come true.  I would like to quote a tribute to Steve Jobs which I read that simply stated, "Thanks for making us think differently."

Steve Jobs rose from the cornerstone of his garage, to the realms of technology to leave a legacy that not only changed our way of life,  but changed the world.  He envisioned creative, innovative ideas and brought them to fruition time and time again.  Steve Jobs was a man who was so attached to Apple, it sometimes was an effort to think about Apple, without also thinking about Steve Jobs in the same breath.

I wanted to know more about Steve Jobs -- Especially when one of my familly members begin to work at Apple as a software engineer.  I received Apple gifts from family members, including my very first Apple laptop with further sparked my quest to learn about Steve Jobs.   I wanted to know what he was like as a person.

When I heard of his untimely passing, I again delved into learning more about Steve Jobs.  I will bypass the details here, but I can attest to the fact that after what I've read about his work, calling Steve Jobs an Apple Visionary, may be an understatement.  He made us realize that there is no limit to what we can imagine, dream, and accomplish, oftentimes with far-reaching, positive results.

So to Steve Jobs, I would like to voice my appreciation for what you've accomplished not only for us here, but for what you contributed throughout the world.

May innovative and creative visions not cease, but continue on for many  generations to come.

Steve Jobs, I bid you my heartfelt thanks.

Ms. H from Mom's Minute

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