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Video Games: Company of Heroes 2 Collectors Edition New Commanders Released


Company of Heroes 2 Collector's Edition

If you are a fan of the Company of Heroes 2 video game and wished for additional characters to help you win your battles in this game, your wish has just come true.  In the newly released Collector's Edition of the PC game, Company of Heroes 2, you will get additional characters and more.


Company of Heroes 2 Collector's Edition

When Company of Heroes 2 Collector's Edition was initially released, Relic promised five additonal new characters or commanders within a week of the release date.  Relic has delivered on its promise.

The five new commanders are --

  1. Soviet Commander:  Armored Assault Tactics
  2. Soviet Commander:  Mechanized Support Tactics
  3. German Commander:  Storm Doctrine
  4. German Commander:  Fortified Armor Doctrine
  5. German Commander:  Lightning War Doctrine


Company of Herores 2 Collector's Edition

These new commanders are available on the newly released Digital Collector's Edition of Company of Heroes 2.  If you already own the standard edition of this game, you may upgrade to the digital collector's edition on Steam in order to get access to the new Commanders.

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Video Games: PlayStation 4 Price and First Look


Sony PlayStation 4

The Sony E3, Electronics Entertainment Expo 2013 press conference started late and ran arduously long (about two hours), but in my opinion, the delayed start and extended duration was worth the wait because of the reveals that were announced at the end of the conference.

 The press conference lasted about two hours,  starting at about 6:16 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 9:16 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and ending about 8:16 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 11:16 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Sony used the time to promote and show demonstrations of numerous video games for both the current system as well as the new generation console, the PS 4.  As expected, the reveal as well as the price for the PS4 happened toward the end of the press conference.


PlayStation 4 revealed

The actual PS4 that was shown at the press conference was designed as the one pictured; however, the color was a combination silver and black with a silver strip lengthwise across the front of the system.  This was the first look of the system that Sony talked about during its press conference on February 20, 2013 -- prior to E3.

The  audience applauded loudly in approval when Sony explained how the company plans to handle used games; however, the loudest applause, in my opinion, was the announcement of the price of the PS 4 -- $399.99.

This price is about $100.00 less expensive than the price of Microsoft's new generation video game console, the Xbox One.

The price of the video games for the PS4 and the Xbox One  was not discussed at either the Microsoft or the Sony E3 press conferences, respectively.


PlayStation Plus Membership

An added bonus was Sony's announcement that there will not be any red tape involved if you are a current PlayStation Plus member for the PS3 and plan to purchase a PS4.  Your membership will simply be transferred over from your PS 3 to your PS4.

Pre-orders for the PS4 are currently being accepted at as well as other establishments. The expected release date for the PS4 is the holiday season, 2013.

Sony's PS 4 Press Conference February 20, 2013 Read more 


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Video Games: WarFrame


WarFrame Video Game

Of the photos provided by of the E3  2013 video games and events, the ones that peeked my interest included a WarFrame exhibit.  Being a war/battle video game fan, I was understandaly curious as to just what this WarFrame game was all about.  If you too, would like to find out more about WarFrame -- then you are at the right place.


WarFrame video game characters

Although I do not recall this game being featured during the Sony press conference, WarFrame is free to play third person shooter  PC game, developed by Digital Extremes that will also be playable on the PS4 when it is released.  The current game is playable in both the single player and the multiplayer modes.

If you play the multi-player, during gameplay you will team up with your friends to complete missions such as destroying enemies and retrieving data.  As with most video games, as you level up, you will receive different abilities -- depending on how you play the game.aaa121231222

Scene from WarFrame

This game is predicated loosely on the video game, Dark Sector, with the exception that WarFrame is not based upon a science fiction premise.

The PC game was released on March 25, 2013. The PlayStation 4 version of  WarFrame will be available at the console's launch timeframe -- which has been reported to be around the holiday season, 2013.

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It's Here! E3 Press Conferences and More


E3 Electronics Arts Entertainment Expo, 2013

Could this be the day that some of the teasers, reveals, and most of all  -- the rumors will be squelched once and for all?  Today, June 10, 2013 starting at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, 12:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the official E3 press conferences will begin.  

I'm excited not only to receive the news and see the previews, demonstrations, etc. straight from the "horse's mouth"; but I'm anticipating finding out exactly what the video game industry has in store.  Even though in a sense, the press conferences are really promotion vehicles for the industry, I believe there is a benefit to hearing from the video game giants themselves precisely what is going to transpire in the video game world.

Here's the Monday, June 10, 2013 E3 Press Conference Schedule:


Microsoft: 9:30 a.m. PST, 12:30 p.m. EST




Electronic Arts (EA): 1:00 p.m. PST, 4:00 p.m. EST



Ubisoft: 3:00 p.m. PST, 6:00 p.m. EST




Sony: 6:00 p.m. PST, 9:00 p.m. EST


Note: Nintendo will not have an E3, 2013 press conference.  The company's Nintendo Direct begins at  7:00 a.m. PST, 10:00 a.m.  EST. on June 11, 2013.


May the games begin!

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Video Games: Controller Wars: PS 4 vs. Xbox One Video Game Controllers


PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One controller

Is it just me, or did you notice that both Sony and Microsoft did not spend much time, if any, talking about their video game system's controllers during their respective E3 press conferences on June 10, 2013  Maybe they did not want to  repeat themselves since the controllers were mentioned at their previous press conferences.  However, I, for one, would have liked to hear more indepth details about the new controllers and why they are (or are not)  considered to be an improvement over the current ones.


The Xbox One and PS4 battle continues with the video game controllers

Of course, the meat of the new gaming systems are the consoles themselves; however, is it  possible that a controller could sway you more toward buying either the PS4 or the Xbox One.

Here's information to help you choose between the PS4 or the Xbox One controllers. 

The PS4 controller is referred to as Dual Shock 4.  Unfortunately, the current PS3 (Dual Shock 3) controller is not compatible with the PS4. This controller will have a touchpad, a headphone jack and a built in speaker.  The controller will support motion detection via gyroscope sensors.

Additionally, the PS4 controller will feature a light bar that will display different colors to alert you regarding your status while playing a video game, i.e. low health, etc.  The controller will have a motion sensor similar to the PS move.  The existing PS move for the PS3 will be supported on the PS4.

The Xbox One's controller basically keeps it current design.  The battery compartment is slimmer and the directional pad on the controller has a four way design.  Each trigger will have independent rumble motors, called impulse triggers where the trigger will vibrate when performiing an action -- for example firing a weapon.

The best way to find out you like either the PS4 or the Xbox One controller is to actually hold it and better yet -- to play your favorite video game with it.


Is a video game more enjoyable if you like the controller?

In just a few months you will be able to do just that with either the Xbox one or the PS4 controller when the next generation systems, Xbox One and the PS4, are released during the 2013 holiday season.

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