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E3: Video Games Count Down to E3 2013 - Part 1




Both Microsoft and Sony can probably breathe a sigh of relief that they have both officially announced their new video gaming consoles to the public prior to E3.  Sony talked about the PS4 during their "big event" conference held February 20, 2013 while Microsoft recently revealed the Xbox One at their conference on May 21, 2013.

As E3 approaches, it's expected that video games will take the center stage; and although there is not an over-abundant of new video games, there's a lot to be said for the quality of some of the games that will be at the Expo.

To keep you in the know,  I will list some of the  video games (in no particular order) that will be showcased at E3 in a two part series .  

This list will give you a preview of  some of the new games that will be presented or re-presented at  E3, being held in Los Angeles, California June 11-13, 2013.


1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag at E3.  The video game release date is October 29, 2013 and it will be playable on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WII U and the PC.

In addition to the many upgrades and enhancements in this video game, the world will open up quicker than the previous version and you will Captain a new ship called Jackdaw.


2.  Batman Arkham Origins by Warner Brothers at E3.  This game releases on October 25, 2013 and will be playable on the Nintendo 3DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita and WII U.

Even though the game play is similar to its predesessor, there are changes in the travel system, allowing Batman to summon his plane.  As with most video games, you will be able to earn points to strengthen Batman as well as to enhance his abilities, weapons, and gadgets.


3.  Battlefield 4 at E3.  Published by Electronic Arts, this video game releases on October 31, 2013 and will be playable on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and the PC.

The 13th installment in the series, Battlefield 4 will bring you three new playable regions -- U.S., China and Russia. The "Commander Mode" is also back from the Battlefield 2142 series.


4.  Call of Duty: Ghosts at E3.  Call of Duty: Ghosts by Activision release date is November 5, 2013  It will be playable on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

This game is the tenth installment in the series and the sixth by Infinity Ward developers. It will run on an upgraded engine. In this game, you will be playing a member of an elite team, called Ghosts, fighting against unseen enemies with far reaching consequences.



 5.  Destiny video game at E3.  This game is  published  by Activision and its release date has not been announced .  Destiny will be playable on the PS3, PS4,  Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

This video game is set in the future.  The gameplay will be different in that some actions are not necessarily planned by the developer in order to create more realistic type situations.


6.  FIFA 14 at E3.  This video game by Electronics Art  is also known as FIFA 14 Soccer and will be released September 24, 2013.  (A release date for the Next Gen consoles has not been announced).  It will be playable on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox One.

New video game features in this game include a revamped career mode where you will  have a scout  search for talent throughout certain locations in the world. In this mode, there will also be easy navigating, less interruptions and live scouting reports.


7.  Fortza Motorsport 5 at E3.  Published by Microsoft, the release date for this game has not yet been announced. It will be playable on the Xbox One.

Fortza Motorsport 5 has been described as the answer to Sony's Gran Turismo racing video game. However, this game shows more emphasis on customization and modifications of the cars than the Grand Turismo video game.


8.  Gran Turismo 6 at E3.  This video game is published by Sony and will be playable on the PS3.  The release time frame for this video game is fourth quarter, 2013.

At this time, Gran Turismo will remain a PS3 title instead of a launch game for the PS4. One of the games locations feaured will be the track in Mount Panorama in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.


9.  Killzone: Shadow Fall at E3.  This video game is developed by Guerilla Games, published by Sony Computer Entertainment and will be playable on the PS4. 

The gameplay happens 30 years after the previous Killzone video game with war continuing among the enemy facets.


10. Knack video game at E3.   Knack's is published by Sony Computer Entertainment and its release date is to be determined.  This game will be playable on the PS 4.

The game play revolves around Knack discovering that he has skills to add ice, metal and other materials into his body giving him new abilities from level to level.

Even though some of the above video games will be playable on the next generation consoles, a release date has not been confirmed for either the Xbox One or the PS4.

E3 Video Game Countdown Part 2 will list ten additional games scheduled to be at E3.  Of course these lists are not all-inclusive, and suffice it to say that there will be many other video games at E3, including Indie and mobile games as well.  

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Video Games: Fight Night Franchise On Hold for UFC


EA Sports has Fight Night video game franchise on hold.

If you have been waiting for the latest installment of the video game, Fight Night,  to be released, unfortunately,  you will have to wait longer.   Fight Night, Electronic's Arts',  premiere boxing game is now on the "wait list" due to the need to shift resources to its Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC ) video game.


EA Sports to focus on UFC video game

The Fignt Night team will be working on the UFC video game that EA purchased from THQ in 2012. EA has not divulged when the Fight Night video game development will resume.  In fact, there are reports and rumors that the game will be on hiatus indefinitely.


UFC will be powered by the Ignite engine

On the brighter side, Andrew Wilson of EA sports, states that he sees a future in Fight Night, but that right now, the fighting video game focus will be on UFC.

A specific release date for EA's UFC was not available at press time; however, the rumored release time-frame is 2014.

UFC will be rated M for Mature and will be playable on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PS4.


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Video Games: Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Confirmed


Crysis 3:  The Lost Island DLC

It's been confirmed!  Electronic Arts and Crytek have announced that the first downloadable content expansion pack for Crysis 3 will launch on June 4, 2013 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC.  The cost is $14.99 or about 1,200 Microsoft points if you want to play the game on your Xbox 360.


Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC

According to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, Crysis 3: The Lost Island  will transport you out of the Liberty Dome into the lost island settings, returning to the game's  "spirtual roots."  Additionally he states that the DLC introduces fresh ways to play with genuinely game-changing new tactical options, game modes and weapons.


Crysis 3:  The Lost Island

The multiplayer expansion pack will include 4 maps, two modes -- Frenzy and Possession, as well as more weapons. The Crysis 3  video game was released in February, 2013 and is rated M for Mature.


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Video Games: Xbox A New Generation Revealed -- Introducing the Next Xbox


Microsoft reveals the next Xbox on May 21, 2013

During the Microsoft reveal of the next Xbox video game console, a surprise may not have been how the system looked -- but exactly what it is called.  Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment, introduced the next Xbox, as "Xbox One."  One may think of the President's airplane, Airforce One, when this name was announced -- Or even "The One" from the Matrix movies.  However, based on the information revealed about the next Xbox, one may also conclude that the "One", may originate from the system being projected to be "All in One", for your entertainment experiences.


Xbox One is not to be confused with Airforce One


Xbox One is also not named for "The One" from Matrix

Don Mattrick kicked off the conference by reviewing how the Xbox 360 has enriched the lives of many for the past eight years since its launch.  He stated; however, the Xbox One will offer more benefits, with the goal of making your television set ultimately more  "intelligent."


The Xbox One video game system 

Another goal of the Xbox One is to offer a system that is seemingly always ready, and connected.  Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft,  demonstrated how manual logging onto the Xbox will become a thing of the past.  By a simple voice command to the Xbox One, the system will not only come on and land at your favorite video viewing area, but you can also toggle back and forth from television shows, music, games and vice versa -- all with your voice command.  Of course, the voice command feature is currently available on the Xbox 360, using the Kinect; however, the new system will include new options as well, such as "Trending", which lets you know what your friends are watching.  As an added feature,  you can use your hand motions to maneuver where you would like the Xbox One to take you -- viewing-wise.


Xbox One Controller

 The highlight of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal, in my opinion, came at the end of the conference when Eric Herishberg of Activision introduced and showed an extended world premiere of the highly anticipated video game, Call of Duty Ghosts, which included a visual comparison between the graphics from the previous Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 -- to the pending release of Call of Duty Ghosts video game.  

Most of the presentations alluded to E3 scheduled for  June, 2013, so it remains to be seen if this conference was a "watered down" version of what will be presented at that time.

Even though, in my opinion, the Xbox One is not revolutionary to look at, and may even look to be a step backwards in its appearance and name, at least, unlike Sony,  Microsoft was upfront with how the new system looked.  Pictures of the actual Xbox One were shown at the conference, in contrast to Sony's plan and insistence to keep the reveal of the PS4 a secret, except for the short, blurry picture of the system that was recently leaked.

Hopefully, Microsoft has more to reveal during E3 about the Xbox One that may excite you more so than what was shown on May 21, 2013.  Maybe (fingers crossed), they gave the somewhat drab main course of Xbox One today, with possibly the delicious dessert to be served at E3 in June 2013.

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Microsoft Xbox One Conference - An Unbiased View -- Almost


Xbox One

Looks like Microsoft will not be receiving any PR awards based on its conference where little if any really innovative features of the new system were revealed. The Microsoft conference was held in Redmond, Washington on May 21, 2013, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Xbox - A New Generation Revealed

The tag line of the event was "Xbox - A New Generation Revealed." Following a montage of people shown as an intro to the event, Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment took the stage. He discussed the previous accomplishments of the Xbox 360 since its launch 8 years ago, as well as the current goals of the system today, which include making your television set more intelligent. He talked about how living rooms have changed and how the new Xbox will make it change even more. Designed to be an All in One System, the next Xbox video game console is expected to be: Simple, Instant and Complete.

New Name - Xbox One

Don Mattrick introduced the new generation Xbox as the Xbox One -- not the Xbox 720 or some other name the system may have been called previously. The system's new name is officially Xbox One. Visuals of the new system were shown and depending on your preference, you either liked or disliked it. In my opinion, the system, including the controller, did not look revolutionary, new or different. However, in Bill Mattrix's words, the system was "built to amaze."

Xbox One Demos

Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft demonstrated the system using voice commands. Some of the enhancements he discussed were that the system is always ready and connected, manual log ins are going away, and the system will remember what you were doing last, and return you back to that screen once you log in. Other new features included "Trending" where you can see what your friends are watching, as well as television schedules. Additionally you can use hand motions to instantly return to screens. He also talked about the new Snap Mode as well as using Skype not only for individual calls, but for group calls as well. Some of these features were demonstrated in conjunction with his mobile phone.

The technicalities of how these features were done were explained by Marc Whitten of Microsoft who took the stage next. The tag line of his presentation was that Xbox One was designed by gamers for gamers. Andrew Wilson of Electronic Arts followed and discussed sports video games that will be playable on the Xbox One, namely, FIFA 14, Madden NFL, NBA Live and UFC. These games will be powered by a new engine called EA Ignite. He stated these games will have about 10 times more animation and depth in motion, than what was provided previously. More attention will also be focused on the crowds watching the sports events. His presentation included live sports players discussing their games, such as football, basketball and soccer. 

The head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer followed and discussed how the video game, Motorsport Fortza 5, will play on the new system.

Games for the Xbox One

It was announced that there will be 15 exclusive games available at the launch of the Xbox On with 8 of the 15 being brand new franchises, Specific titles of the games were not provided.


Nancy Tellem of Microsoft and Bonnie Ross, general manager and studio head of 343 Industries discussed Halo which will be an upcoming television series. Steven Spielberg, via satellite, also talked about the Halo television series.

The rest of the conference included Don Mattrick returning to the stage restating that the Xbox One will be an All in One system for all living rooms. He added that Xbox One will have exclusive, interactive content which will bring fantasy football to life. There will also be a partnership between Xbox and the NFL -- only for the Xbox One. 

Xbox One Launch Date

A specific launch date for the Xbox One was not disclosed during the conference. The statement made was that Xbox One will "launch around the world later this year."

More at E3

Most of the presentations were suffixed with the notice that more information will be shared at E3 in June, 2013.

Xbox One Conference Finale

The conference ended with a world premiere of Call of Duty Ghost, introduced and shown by Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. According to Eric Hirshberg, Call of Duty Ghosts will provide gameplay driven tech, a whole new story, a whole new world, a different cast of characters, character customizations, gameplay involving fighting against superiors, a super elite fighting force, dynamic mass, player driven action, artificial intelligence, new weapons never seen before, revamped multiplayer, and something unique -- a fighting dog based upon an actual seal team dog -- and much more.

The Microsoft conference, in my opinion, did not show anything overly different. Some of these features are readily available on your television set with just a touch of your remote, and voice commands are currently available on the Xbox 360 using the Kinect.

Interesting enough, the controversy over not being able to play used games on the system was not brought up duing the conference.

On a positive note, Microsoft did show the actual Xbox One clearly, without any shroud of mystery -- unlike the previous Sony conference where the PS 4 next generation system was nowhere to be seen.

With E3 just around the corner, maybe Microsoft has something else more innovative up its sleeve to reveal?  What do you think?

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