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The Catch: A Ms. H Television Show Review



The Catch:  A Ms. H Television Show Review

Disclaimer: The Catch television show review is mine alone and does not represent the views of

Introduction to The Catch:  A Ms. H Television Show Review

The Catch television show I watched recently on Monday, March 28, 2016 on ABC was actually a rerun. The Catch normally airs Thursdays on ABC.  However, I think in an attempt to get the audience viewers who originally stay on ABC after watching Dancing with the Stars  to see Castle, The Catch was placed in this new, temporary time slot.

The television show Castle is usually scheduled to follow Dancing with the Stars.  Personally, I do not watch Castle so I would not be the audience this show was trying to get.  However, since I was curious about The Catch, I decided to keep watching to find out what  it was all about. Previously I watched The Catch television show previews and I must say I was impressed this television show has a female lead who seemed to be somewhat of the action/investigative star who was not  merely a follower like some of the other female  characters in similar type television shows.

To make a long story short, I was not disappointed by this premiere episode of The Catch. Here’s my review to explain why I enjoyed watching The Catch.


Synopsis of The Catch Television Show


By this time, you may have or have not seen The Catch television show.  The storyline of  the show centers around Alice Vaughn played by Mireille Enos. She is a private investigator who is out to locate a Mr. X in the premiere episode.   After a series of incidences involving her meeting with Christopher Hall, played by actor Peter Krause, interesting events occur that cumulate with her trying to find out the true identity of this client.

The dilemma is by the time Alice Vaughn finds out who Christopher Hall really is -- He seemingly has “disappeared.”  The remainder of the show is almost a textbook detective/private investigative story -- where she ends up searching for him -- for more reasons than one.


Personal Involvement of the Characters in The Catch Television Show


Spoiler Alert. The main character, Alice Vaughn becomes involved romantically with Christopher Hall, who she finds out later is a con artist who unfortunately is not working alone. To add to the drama, Christopher Hall appears to  have a female boss who is also interested in him as well.


Reality of The Catch Television Show


To me, it seemed unlikely that after completing his con -- Christopher Hall would stay around the local area where he “disappeared” from and pretend to be yet  someone else.  In other words, he stays in the area  and as a con artist  steals the secrets of a new invention that is worth a lot of money.  


There is an unexpected chance meeting between Christopher Hall and Alice Vaughn at an event and unrealistically -- they just stare at each other before, of course all the lights go out.  

The question is was she trying to find him because she still had emotions for him, or if she was more intent on catching and  exposing him as the con artist that he is.


Assessment of The Catch Television Show


I like this show so far  because it stars a slightly older woman in this day and age when youthful actresses seem to be all the demand.  I also like the show has a diverse cast.  

I plan to continue watching this show for now  to see what happens next.  Will this show be one that will keep my interest or will it evolve into a show that becomes not only predictable, but even worse -- more or less unrealistic? I guess time will tell.


Rating of The Catch Television Show


On a scale of one star  to five stars with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest, I give the premiere episode of The Catch three stars.  

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