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Blindspot Season 3, Episode 1 -- A Ms. H TV Show Review

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Blindspot starring Jaimie Alexander has returned to NBC for a third season, at a different day and time. It now airs Friday's at 8:00 p.m. ET in some areas on NBC. The episode I watched aired October 27, 2017.   While it may be too soon to tell if the new date/time slot is working out, from my viewpoint, the show has taken a needed and welcoming turn regarding the cast of characters. Gone are some of the characters that appeared in the first season of the show.  Remaining as the completely tattooed woman who later became a member of the FBI is the star of the show is Jamie Alexander.  Also remaining are other characters including her partner, an FBi agent who is now her husband and the father of her daughter. Also added was a character who seems to provice comic relief to the show.

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There were an adequate mix of action and drama in this episode.  However, I must bring up a scene that was unrealistic where three of the office-type characters are seen captured and must overpower enemy guards to escape.  It's unbelievable that not only did they figure out numerous puzzles, but they also had the ability to physically overpower their enemies.  In my opinion, this feat is far-fetched but I guess it is possible in television-land.

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I was skeptical if I would like this show as I watched episode 1 of Season 3, not knowing what to expect.  I had stopped watching previous episodes of the show for some time but decided to see what was happening in the 3rd season.  I must say that I was expecting Jaimie Alexander's character to be pushed even further in the background, even though the show should revolve around her.  To some extent, this did happen in this episode with her leaving her family due to there being a price on her head before her husband and partner joined her later. During the time of separation, it is an enigma if she longed to rejoin her family or exactly what her circumstances were..  There was a conversation between her husband/partner and Jamie Alexander about her feelings while they were apart; however, it is up in the air regarding what will happen next. In fact towards the end of the episode, the character who is acting as Jaimie Alexander's brother mentioned something that happened in Germany with her husband/partner that he would reveal to his sister -- as a threat -- almost like a cliff hanger.

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I think It's a little early to tell if Jamie Alexander's character will be ushered forward as the main character and placed in the spotlight -- especially since it is her tattoos that form the basis of the show or if she will slip further in the background.  However, there was enough action, intrigue, mystery and adventure that I will probably watch other episodes and find out what happens next. As the saying goes -- "So good." 

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode One 2 1/2 stars.









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