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The One Game to Play on July 4th

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<p>From Ms. H!</p>
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<p>Source of news:&nbsp; Kotaku, Luke Plunkett, July 4, 2011</p>
<p>&nbsp;Even though not American, the game&nbsp;he&nbsp;would&nbsp; play on July 4th is <em>Sid Meier's Colonization</em>.&nbsp; Apparently this is an historically based game, first released in 1994, but never reached the heights of popularity as other similar type games. He mentions&nbsp;this game&nbsp;is a cult favorite of PC gamers?</p>
<p>According to him, there are&nbsp;games that&nbsp;may include muskets or swords, gladiators or samurai, but are usually window-dressing to an action game, and &nbsp;rarely explore the period themes of the time, the history, or the politics.</p>
<p>Ms H's take:&nbsp;&nbsp;I would replay&nbsp; the game I reviewed on Mom's Minute where one of our listeners said he appreciated my patriotism.&nbsp; What a nice thing to say!&nbsp; Do you remember the game I played?&nbsp;</p>
<p>The game was the Winter Olympics where I tried over and over again&nbsp;to win the gold medal for the U.S.&nbsp; I'm&nbsp;more experienced&nbsp;at playing video games now, so maybe this time I&nbsp;can win that gold medal!</p>
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<p>Have you played&nbsp;the Colonization game or&nbsp;are there any&nbsp;games that you play at certain times of the year, i.e., July 4th? Or&nbsp;maybe holidays&nbsp;are not&nbsp;factors of when you play&nbsp;certain video games?&nbsp;&nbsp; Comment to me below or in my forum.&nbsp; I'm looking forward to hearing from you!</p>
<p>Thanks for visiting&nbsp;my website.&nbsp; Happy July 4th! Stay Safe!</p>
<p>Bye now, &nbsp;My minute is up!</p>
<p>Ms. H.</p>
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<p><em>Ms. H = Win!</em></p>
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