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How Much is Too Much for Single Player Games?



L. A. Noire From Ms. H

Source of News:  Gamespot, Al McCarthy, Juy 26, 2011

The author wrote a brief article entitled, "Are Single Player Games Too Expensive?"  His take is that you may be willing to pay more for multi-player games than games  designed for single players.   His words-- "...I can definitely see how players who pay 60 or 70 bucks for a game can be quite sensitive to the lack of additional features that can justify their investment."

However, another viewpoint  mentioned in the article is  there are lots of single player games that give you a bang for your bucks.  Mentioned were  single player games such as the new "Batman" series, "The Elder Scrolls" franchise, and "Mass Effect", just to name a few.

And we cannot leave out L.A. Noire (pictured).  I have not  played this game, but had the opportunity to watch it being played recently.

On another note -- Remember how  I made  changes to Mom's Minute  throughout my show?  As a "preview" for you, I'm about to make a change now for Ms. H. video game news.

Instead of asking you what you think about my video game news articles, I'll leave it up to you to comment, if you like.    As the saying goes,  "You know the drill."  (Smile)

If you have any suggestions about my video gaming news, or my website,  please comment here or on my  Ms. H. forum.

My minute is up!  I've enjoyed sharing gaming news  with you!  Thanks for visiting and come back soon! 

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