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Video Game Rental Anyone?


Source:  PC World, Peter Smith, August 9, 2011

Sometimes called the "Netflix" of video games, GameFly  is a video game rental company.  You pay a fixed price for a certain number of games out at a time. 

GameFly requires membership at a cost of about $15.95 per month for one game at a time and  $22.95 per month for two games.  According to the author, these prices seem a little steep.

So what is the video game news here?  Apparently, GameFly plans to add PC and MAC games to its video game rental porfolio.  Installation of a client is required.

Subscribers will have access to both physical console game rentals and digital computer game rentals.  The PC game rental segment is new.  According to GameFly's co-founder, Sean Spector, there will be over 100 titles available to rent at launch, which is expected to grow.

The new client will also add a social aspect to the GameFly experience, where customers can share lists of games, follow other customers, etc.

Looks like GameFly  will have competition in its new venture of PC game rentals -- GameTap.  GameTap is a subscription based PC gaming platform that is old hat when it comes to PC game rentals.  GameTap charges about $9.95 per month, and offers second tier games as well as retro games run by emulators.  However, the author states this company has been struggling since launching in 2005.

Ms. H's take.  I agree with the author that the GameFly subscription price seems a bit high, so the addition of PC and MAC games to the mix may (in my opinion)  be a cost-benefit to the customer. Of course, current subscribers may have their own views about this,  including whether  PC and MAC game rentals  are welcome additions.

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