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Video Games: Mass Effect 4... or Not


Commanders Shephard from Mass Effect 3

It looks like not only will you be saying goodbye to Commander Shephard in the next installment of Mass Effect, but you will also be saying farewell to the name of the video game as well.  Bioware has revealed that the next installment of Mass Effect will not be called Mass Effect 4 -- as some may have originally "assumed."  In fact, Bioware is saying the next game will be done a disservice if it is called Mass Effect 4.  The disservice is not because of the questionable and mixed reviews of Mass Effect 3, including the dubious endings -- but the next game is said to have nothing at all to do with the previous Mass Effect storylines.


The Mass Effect name will stay in its video game past.

If you are speculatiing about the name, or even what the gameplay entails, you may be doing so in vain.  According to Chris Priestley, Bioware's community manager, you as a fan of the Mass Effect series may speculate regarding the name of the game, including the characters and storyline; however, this information will not be revealed for months, or even years to come -- depending, of course,  on how long the game will be in development.


Mass Effect

Bioware Edenton Chief, Yanick Roy further elaborated on why fans should not call the next game "Mass Effect 4" by adding that to call this game Mass Effect 4 would suggest some type of linearity or a straight evolution of the game play and storyline of the first three games -- which is not the case.

Even though it has been  "cast in stone" that the  Mass Effect 3 triololgy has ended and will not be revived,  interesting enough, the mass effect universe, itself, will remain in the next game.  

A release date for the next installment of the game was unavailable at press time.

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