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Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice - New Wonder Woman Costume Revealed


Gal Galdot as Wonder Wonder

I am the first to say that whether it's a movie, video game, or some other visual type media, the characters,   story line and plot are, in my opinion, more important that what the characters are wearing.  However, in the case of some comic book characters, it's difficult to overlook the fact that their costumes have a huge impact on how they are either accepted or rejected by the fans.  For example, would you accept a Batman in an all white costume, complete with a white top hat and cane?  Probably not.  Because of the brooding nature of the Dark Knight, his costume is of course all black -- quite a change from the gray and black costume he wore earlier in some of the Batman comics and television show.  Just as Batman, Superman, Spiderman and others have changed their costumes, it looks like Wonder Woman is following suit in her latest upcoming movie appearances.


Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

You may have heard that Wonder Woman will be sporting a complete new look when she appears in the upcoming movie, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice which has a 2015 release time frame.  Unfortunately, Wonder Woman is a supporting character and as of yet, has not had a major motion picture where she is the main character.  Hopefully that will change soon.   Her outfit was finally revealed at Comic Con at San Diego, 2014.  The latest look deviates from the red, white and blue patriotic look of the original Wonder Woman costume to more of a bronze look as shown above.  Wonder Woman's costume has received mixed reviews with some saying that it is similar to Xena Warrior Princess' costume and others saying that the look is a welcome change that  brings her into the 21st century.


Xena Warrior Princess

With the movie premiering in a few months, it's possible for Wonder Woman to undergo a costume change before the movie release.  She will also probably wear different costumes throughout the movie. Even though the movie is mainly about Batman and Superman, hopefully Woman Wonder will make an impression on the big screen, even if the buzz right now is mostly about her costume. 


Variant Wonder Woman in her costume

Rather than concentrating on her costume, hopefully the shift will move to the Wonder Woman character, how she executes her missions and even more importantly,  making her a memorable character in the movie.  In my opinion, it is long past due for Wonder Woman to have her very own major motion picture feature film -- regardless of what she is wearing.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice has a scheduled release date of 2015.  No word yet on if there will be an accompanying video game featuring Wonder Woman.  

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