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Video Games: Silent Hill Mystery Release Date


P.T. Silent Hills

When will the latest full version of the highly acclaimed Silent Hills video game be released?  Your guess is probably just as good as mine.  Since the August 12, 2014 release of the Playable Teaser (P.T.) for Silent Hill, "mum" has been the word, with Sony being relatively silent regarding the release date -- pun intended.

This silence is surprising in and of itself, given how quickly P.T. became popular within the space of just a few days -- namely -- being downloaded over 1 million times (and counting)  by September 12, 2014.  Furthermore, in August, 2014, P.T. won the video game month of the award from GameSpot and has been received favoably by lots of people in the video gaming community.  I believe it would be an understatement in saying that the Silent Hll game is highly anticipated.

PT Silent Hill

P.T. Silent Hill gameplay reactions

Understandably, it will take some time for the final Silent Hill game to be finalized to keep the quality of P.T.; however, sometimes it pays to strike while the iron is hot and at least provide a time-frame in quarters, i.e., lst quarter 2015 -- if the specific release date is not yet known.  

The above being said, last month news was released that Konami may be releasing Silent Hills in episodes -- similar to some other video games such as The Walking Dead.

Looks like this idea is not being met with enthusiasm with some saying that the Silent Hill episode angle may be a ploy to stretch out the game with downloadable content that could very well be provided in the full game at the git-go -- without the added episodes.  Others do not prefer the episodic release idea at all.  Then there are others, who are for the game being released in episodes.  So along with the mystery release date of Silent Hill, looks like video gamers and others will have to wait and see how the latest installment of Silent Hill will become available for gameplay.


P.T. Silent Hill 

What is known is the lastest installment of the Silent Hill horror video game will definitely not be released in time for Halloween 2014 -- which as of this printing is only four days away.  Could the release date be in the Halloween 2015 time frame -- or maybe even later?  For now, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

P.T. Silent Hill that was released in August 2014, is rated M for Mature and is available now exclusively on the PlayStation 4.


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