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Video Games: InFamous First Light vs InFamous Second Son


InFamous First Light 

It is not uncommon for a strong or engaging character to branch out from a main title, and navigate out on his or her own.  Several television shows come to mind where a minor character was able to successfully move from a supporting to a starring role, based sometimes on how the actor played the character, the character's charisma, other crowd-pleasing qualities, or sometimes simply because the character is  popular.  This is also happening in the video game world.

If you played or heard of the video game, InFamous Second Son, you may know that the main character or protagonist is Delsin Rowe and the minor character is Abigail Walker, sometimes known as  or referred to as Fetch.  Within a few months of  Sucker Punch's release of the highly acclaimed and eagerly anticipated, InFamous Second Son, the video game Infamous First Light has been released.


InFamous First Light

In the case of InFamous First Light, it could have very well been the dramatic events that happened in Fetch's life as well as her adventurous spirit and nature that warranted her having her very own video game outside of InFamous Second Son. In light of the rise of female video game protaganists, I was excited to learn of this new video game.  Even though InFamous First Light has  a shorter gameplay than InFamous Second Son, the release is considered a complete video game, even though in some circles it is described as Downloadable Content (DLC) or stand-alone DLC.

As a spinout, there are some simiariteis between InFamous First Light and InFamous Second Son; however, there are some differences.  One of the major differences is the make-up of the main characters of each game. It's been said that unlike Delsin Rowe, Fetch has the type of background that propelled her to go on her missions with more of a vengeance than Delsin.  This should translate to more interesting gameplay for the video game player.  


Fetch and Delsin from InFamous Video Game

Playing Infamous Second Son is not a prerequiste for playing and enjoying InFamous First Light.  This game stands on its own relative to the characters and the storyline. By the way, you do not need to have the InFamous Second Son video game in order to play InFamous First Light.

Sony's Exclusive InFamous First Light is rated T for Teen,  released August 26, 2014 in North America, and is playable on the PlayStation 4.

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