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Will Metal Wolf Chaos Video Game Ever Come to America?


President Michael Wilson from the From Software video game developers has been recognized as the most patriotic politician in video games.  However, his patrotism must be admired from afar, because as of 2015, he and his heroic exploits are in a video game that never reached America.  The video game I'm referring to is, of course, Metal Wolf Chaos, a video game that received high praise in its day, but for some reason or another never was released in America.  If you happen to live or reside in Japan and you have the original Xbox video game system, you can play this game to your heart's content.  Not so easy if you live elsewhere.


Metal Wolf Chaos was released only in Japan on December 22, 2004.  Even though some of the graphics and languge are in Japanese, the game has all English voice acting.

In the Metal Wolf Chaos video game, President Michael Wilson must protect the United States from rebel forces being led by none other than his Vice-President.  President Michael Wilson stands out from other Presidents by going a step further in defending the U.S.  How?  Well for starters, he has his own mech which he uses to its maximum capacity to battle the enemy.


Your guess is as good as mine as to when and if this game will ever reach the United States. For now, it is available as a Japan import, playable only on the original Xbox video game system, and unfortunately is rather expensive -- selling as high as $294.02 on Amazon.


One of my mottos is to "Never say never."  Maybe in due time Metal Wolf Chaos will reach America's shores so many can enjoy playing this video game and find out first hand just how patriotic President Michael Wilson really is.  For now it seems as if Metal Wolf Chaos will continue to be known as the most patriotic video game that never reached America.

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