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Killer Instinct Maya - Beyonce Controversy


If you have played the Killer Instinct video game character Maya or even watched this character during gameplay, you may have noticed she has, in my opinion, a strong resemblance to Beyonce Knowles.  Back in the day when Beyonce was part of the group Destiny's Child, she wore her hair in braids often similar to how Maya is depicted in the video game.  When I watched this game being played, I also noticed the character has certain victory movements that are signature moves for Beyonce -- even though anyone of course could do these moves as well.mayabeyonce

The question I have is why, unlike Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce has not come forward to challenge the use of her likeness without her permission.  As you may know, a few months back Lindsay Lohan sued those behind supposedly or alledgedly using  her likeness in the video game, Grand Theft Auto V -- which is still pendng.  However, not a whimper has been heard from Beyonce.

Could it be that Beyonce is still reelling from the recent video game settlement she made with game developer Gate Five after  being sued for over $100 million dollars for backing out of a video game deal?  Or maybe there are other reasons.  By the way, details of the settlement were not disclosed.


Of course it is possible that her likeness is based on someone else who simply resembles Beyonce, which essentially means the controversy between Maya and Beyonce's likeness does not exist.  Maybe this is the case   since the game has been out for some time now and there has not been nary a peep from Beyonce or her people about how Maya looks like Beyonce in the video game Killer Instinct.

If you would like to weigh in on this yourself, you may check out  Killer Instinct which is an Xbox One exclusive video game, rated M for Mature.  Maya is a playable character in the Killer Instinct Season 2 series that launched October 15, 2014.


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