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New Spiderman Announced Amidst Sony Marvel Partnership



"With great power, comes great responsibility", a famous quote from Spiderman movies and comic books may be heard once again when the latest Spiderman movie is released.  Sony has partnered with Marvel Studios on the next Spiderman movie to bring it to theaters as a reboot.   To refresh you on Spiderman's "acquisition"  -- Marvel sold Spiderman to Sony at a cost of about $7 million back in 1999.  Spiderman will be going back to his roots, so to speak, when Marvel Studios (owned by Disney) and Sony join creative forces.


Sony/Marvel's partnership goes beyond the new upcoming Spiderman movie.  The partnership will open avenues to weave and include Spiderman in Marvel's other popular renderings such as the Avengers and other Marvel based comic book superhero franchises.

Tom Holland to play Spiderman


One such inclusion is Spiderman's possible appearance  in the Captain America movie, before his own movie comes out in 2017.  Tom Holland, an English actor, will play as Spiderman, replacing Andrew Garfield who was Spiderman in the movie's two previous renditions.

Will the upcoming Spiderman movie be a blockbuster success?  It may be too early to tell.  However,  given the lukewarm reception of the new Spiderman movie, looks like Sony and Marvel may have to rely on the overwhelming popularity of the Spiderman character himself to help revitalize excitement in a movie featuring yet another actor playing the role of  the Amazing Spiderman. Hopefully Sony and Marvel are up to the challenge.  

The new Spiderman movie releases in theaters on July 28, 2017.


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