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Blindspot: Jaimie Alexander as TV Female Action Star

Jaimie Alexander in Blindspot

Looks like female actors as action stars are moving from big screen movies to the small screen -- television.  I'm referring to the prevalence of females starring in action-based television shows. 

One such television show may be Blindspot. However, it remains to be seen just how much action the female star will be afforded in this show.

Previoiusly, I was  interested in watching a similar type action-oriented television show,  Blacklist, which initially appeared  to have a strong leading female character, but seemed to evolve to be just the opposite.  James Spader as Raymond Reddington stood out in Blacklist more-so than the female actor Megan Boone who played Elizabeth Keen.  Another television show I was looking forward to due to what I thought would feature a strong female character was Marvel's Agent Carter.  However, I lost interest not because of the lack of action scenes, but for the storylines, which in my opinion, were not as exciting as I expected.


Enter Blindspot.  I saw the preview of Blindspot on television and at first thought the commerical was for a movie due to the quality level of the action scenes shown.  I noticed that a female was performing lots of the physical actions in the commercial clip.  However, the question is when Blindspot airs, will the female action character stay true to form or will she ease back in the background and become only a backdrop for the stories in this television series.


The storyline of Blindspot -- in my opinion is not unique.  The character Jane Doe is played by Jaimie Alexander who has amnesia and does not know who she is or much about her past.  She has tatoos which may or may not help the FBI solve mysterious crimes.   If Jaimie Alexander stays true to the action scenes shown in the trailer,  and the writers keeps giving her major action scenes, the Blindspot television show may be worth watching.  For now, I guess we will just have to wait and see.  

Blindspot debuts September 21, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, 7:00 p.m. Pacific Standard time on NBC.

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