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Blindspot Season 3, Episode 3 -- A Ms. H TV Show Review - Have You Seen Jaimie Alexander?

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Disjointed Plot

We are now up to Episode 3 of Season 3 of Blindspot and the plot thickens.  Well actually the plot changes in midstream. Based on Episode 2, I was under the impression that in Episode 3 the brother of Jaimie Alexander --the woman who is the tattooed "star of the show" would still be the main focus.  That way, the story could revolve around her.  But Alas! He is nowhere to be found until the end of the show.  Spoiler Alert: The show starts with a totally different crime scenario dealing with a lot of hacking done not only by unsavory personnel, but by two of the actors who used to be part of a team called the Three Blind Mice.

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Star of the Show is Not Jaimie Alexander

If I had not seen the previous episodes of Season 3, I would think that this TV show  stars the blonde female consultant on the show.  She manages to be in just about every scene, with Jaimie Alexander being pushed again to the background. In fact, the complete episode seems to revolve around her instead of Jaimie Alexander.  With Blindspot, I guess everyone in the show will at some time come to be the lead.  It's no longer the tattooed woman show, but any of the other characters in the show as well.

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Sparse Jaimie Alexander Appearances

Jaimie Alexander did have a few choice camera shots dealing with a fight and a car crash, but that's about it. Oh wait. Towards the end of the show when Jaimie Alexander is busy being a housewife, she does get a call from her brother with threats.

If I understand Blindspot correctly, the team will be doing their regular FBI jobs which may or may not be connected to the main story that should be centered around Jaimie Alexander. To me, this is a big fail mainly because the show is becoming more focused on everyone else except her.

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Wait! A New Character is Introduced?

Now, looks like there is a new character who appears at the end of the show as a cliffhanger.  Hopefully, one day soon the writers of Blindspot will put Jaimie Alexander front and center of the show, instead of having her watch everyone else from the sidelines. I'm almost getting tired of waiting.


Ms. H's Rating Drops a Notch from Last Week's Episode

Based on a rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Blindspot 1 3/4 stars.


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