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Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 4 - Jaimie Alexander Out of the Shadows - A Ms. H TV Show Review

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The plot thickens in this episode -- which is a good thing since Jaimie Alexander came back in the spotlight. Could it be that during the fourth episode of the Season 3 of Blindspot the writers finally realized the show should center around Jaimie Alexander -- instead of the other characters. This show was like a breath of fresh air -- in that Jamie Alexander was no longer in the background.  Of course, this could change in the next episodes -- but for now, I was satisfied to sit back, relax and see Jamie Alexander be the lead character that she was meant to be.

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 It was interesting to me how the writer incorporated Jaimie Alexander’s wedding in this episode. Throughout the actions of the show, you would see a video of the different characters offering Jaimie Alexander and her husband best wishes and advice on being a newlywed couple.  I think this was an excellent way to keep Jaimie Alexander front and center in the show. Regarding the other actions of the show -- the writers did an amazing job in keeping your attention focused on Jaimie Alexander.  

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It’s been quite a while since it was obvious to me that Jaimie Alexander was the star of the show. Amid the many characters, Jaimie Alexander was in most of the scenes in this episode. In addition, the story this time focused around her as well as her brother.  Even the criminal seems to be connected to her in some way -- even though how -- is still an enigma. I liked that in this episode Jaimie Alexander was not only front and center -- but she spoke up for herself. When one of the characters indicated that she was in some way tied with the criminal, she immediately spoke up to say she was not.  She gets a gold star for this since I believe that if something is said that is not to your liking, it is up to you to speak up and say something about it at the time -- of course if the setting is appropriate.  


During this episode, I was expecting Jaimie Alexander to be pushed further in the background; however, I’m overjoyed that this episode did just the opposite.  As alluded to earlier in my review,  the storyline  revolved around her and even her brother made appearances. If the show continues in this vein, it may get another season.  However, for now, I’m taking each episode one by one. The flaw continues with Blindspot having way too many characters; however, this episode, in particular, was a step in the right direction!


On a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Bindspot, Season 3 episode 4 -- three (3) stars.  

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