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Blindspot Bloopers, TV Show Season 3, Episode 5

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There are obvious bloopers that may or may not have been noticed by the director of Blindspot Season 3, Episode 5.  As I  watched the tv show Blindspot, I was not seriously looking for bloopers, misstatements or anything of the like.  It was as if there was a big sign on one of the scenes that read “Blooper Alert.”  In Season 3, Episode 5 of Blindspot I spotted only two bloopers; however, there could have been more.  I think these are the most glaring ones that could not be missed.

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“Show Yourselves Out!” - First Blooper on Blindspot

There is a scene in Blindspot where it looks like the boss is scolding two other investigators about their secret research activities.  He is outraged they suspected one of the other high-profile executives of the atrocity she was being accused of.  Specifically one of the investigators determined that this particular female executive had logged in on his computer using his login information.  When faced with this information, he adamantly refused to believe it was true and screamed at the young ladies -- “Show yourselves out!”  He then ceremoniously turns around, opens the office door, and storms out of the room.  Meanwhile the young ladies continue to talk among themselves.  The blooper occurs when he commands them to show themselves out, but in-turn, he leaves instead.  The young ladies did not budge.  Shouldn’t he have just left the room instead without any parting words?  I’m not sure if this was an ad-lib, but clearly his actions did not correlate with what he ordered the investigators to do.

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Toting a Bag of Sand - Second Blooper on Blindspot

I am taking literary license and calling this scene a blooper because of the precarious way Kurt Weller who is Jane Doe’s husband chose to carry an ill patient.  This scene develops after enemies found out the location of the mother and son that Jane Doe and Kurt Weller were protecting while the patient was in a hospital room.  The sick patient attempted to run out of the room alongside Kurt Weller; however, it was obvious she could not run fast enough.  At that point Kurt Weller decided to carry her.  He practically threw her over his shoulder. The manner in which he carried her was as if he was toting a load of sand. To make matter worse, the scene shows a close up of her derriere next to his face after he flung her over his shoulder.  In this scene, he should have taken the time to actually carry her instead of draping her over his shoulder like a bag of sand.


I watch Blindspot for the content rather than looking for bloopers.  I’m particularly interested in how Jane Doe is being treated in her role as an action star.  However, if bloopers pop up, I will not hesitate to share them with you.  The bloopers did not affect my rating of the show.   I rated the Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5 -- 2 ¾ stars out of a possible 5 stars.  Suffice it to say  I’m still waiting for the show to improve enough to earn higher ratings.

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