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Blindspot Review: Jaimie Alexander Reclaims her Space on the Show - Season 3, Episode 5

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Jaimie Alexander is Back

After several episodes, Season 3 of  Blindspot seemed to have found its rhythm by moving Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe character back in the spotlight.  I started watching Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5 with reservations, not knowing what to expect relative to how her character would be presented. Well, this episode did not disappoint. But remember -- this could change.  Right off the bat, I could tell that Jaimie Alexander’s  character would be the focus, not only in the action scenes, but also in the developing storyline about someone who was at one time close to her. Just in case, you are following Blindspot and do not want spoilers, I will not divulge who that someone is.

Blindspot Storylines

I am losing count of the different storylines in Blindspot -- some are connected and some are not.  For example, with each episode, there is a cliffhanger that begs the question, what will happen next. Remember the episode where Roman, Jane Doe’s brother threatened the character playing her husband with information of what he did in Germany.  Well, I’m still waiting to find out what that was.  Looks like this lead was dropped and a whole different storyline started.  However, Blindspot redeemed itself with the last cliffhanger by identifying the contents in the envelope -- which was last seen as a cliffhanger in the previous episode.

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Full Disclosure in Blindspot

There are plenty  twists and turns in the plot of  Blindspot; some that are considered moral, and some that are not.  Now that Jaimie Alexander has for now reclaimed her spot in being the center of the story, I can critique other events that are happening around her. There are a lot of secret investigations going on within this office, that may or may not be founded.  Looks like the  rule-book of Blindspot is to suspect everyone and believe no one.  As the storyline unfolded in this episode, there seems to be something amiss with a staff member that their colleagues have found out about.  I’m not a fan of this line of thought  but I guess to keep the storyline going, the writers have to think of something that may be interesting to the viewing audience.



Cliffhangers in Blindspot

One way to try to keep viewers’ interest  is to add a cliffhanger, which I alluded to previously.  Right on cue, Blindspot continues to deliver on ending the show with one.  However, this cliffhanger was more of a revelation known by Jane Doe’s husband and unknown to her.  Even though her memory has been wiped clean, it seems unbelievable that she would not want to see a long lost “relative” of hers -- especially if her husband  (unknowing to her) already has.  With that being said, there are other episodes to come so the anticipation is she will eventually find out, but knowing that he withheld this information from her is probably something she has to contend with.  In other words, the wedding vows of each include honoring each other.  The question is how can he honor his wife by not being truthful or withholding information from her?

Rating of Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5, 2 ¾ stars.


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