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Blindspot TV Show Review, Season 3, Episode 7 -- Jaimie Alexander Goes Deeper in the Shadows


It was bound to happen. Blindspot Season 3, Episode 7 starts off with a flashback of the associate who was destroyed and the show ultimately revealed the guilty assailant. The circumstances upon which this occurs is a little sketchy since it seemed unlikely for the victim’s boss to inadvertently stop by his residence.  That being said, this episode must have been made out of sequence, since I noticed that Jane has shorter hair. Of course, maybe she forgot to put on her extensions.  However, Blindspot continues to bring interesting episodes, some far-fetched -- some not. If only they would incorporate Jaimie Alexander’s character more to be an up-front, take charge female action star on the tv series.

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Jamie Alexander’s roles and dialogue in this episode  once again is minimal.  The show this time revolves around a crooked Hirst, who is the boss of the investigators.  Looks like it’s time for Hirst's 15 minutes of fame to be over, as certain criminal activities forged by her are revealed in this episode.  Unfortunately, Jaimie Alexander’s role is to follow her husband around and hang on for her part of the story dealing with her “lost” daughter.

I give the TV show Blindspot credit for coming up with inventive, imaginative crimes; however, the one depicted in episode 7 may lend itself to a possible scare.  For example, how would you like to think the water source has been toxified in the interest of hosting a virus, in order to require the administer of a drug -- all because of the greediness of ruthless drug owners? Quite scary.

Jaimie Alexander has the habit of letting her husband, the other FBI agent go first while she follows -- which is not a good look.  Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 7 can be categorized as a crime drama -- however, to describe it as a crime drama starring a female action star, aka Jaimie Alexander is becoming more and more unbelievable.


To add to  Jaimie Alexander’s remaining in the background, another new female actor appeared in this episode which lessened her chances even more of getting screen time. I also noticed when there was a sharp turn in events, her husband called the other investigator first -- then called Jaimie Alexander followed by the others. Even in receiving important phone calls, poor Jaimie Alexander has to take 2nd place.  Since Jaimie Alexander’s character continues to hide deeper in the shadows, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 7, One and one-half (1 ½ ) stars.

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