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Blindspot - A TV Show Review, Season 3, Episode 8 - Jaimie Alexander's Role Diminishes

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First the good:  Hooray for Jane Doe. She finally speaks up with authority at a tme when a decision has to be made about a deptive suspect.  Even though it took a while for this scene to occur, it looks like Jaimie Alexander’s character is in the midst of helping to concoct a plan to expose the guilty party.


I applaud the writers for showing that Jaimie Alexander’s character has brains in addition to brawn.  As the events unfurl in Blindspot Season 3, Episode 8, Jaimie Alexander has a lot to say about the suspected assailant -- including how to outsmart this person.

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Now the bad: It  looks like story ideas are getting a little thin as the plot centers around the FBI characters themselves.  This is not a problem, but it seems improbable that out of the blue one of their most renowned investigators - Patterson -- becomes an accused murderer. Yes..Go figure. Additionally, it seems as if most of the FBI bureau of main actors are guilty of criminal activity, or may be hiding something.

Once again, the story does not center around Jaimie Alexander’s character, Jane Doe.  In this episode, as well as the previous other episodes, she is in the TV show, but is not an integral part of the action. You may think  that Jaimie Alexander has a great  solo action scene towards the end of this episode -- but her husband has an even bigger scene that makes Jaimie Alexander's action scene forgettable.


Since I did not notice any difference in this episode relative to showcasing Jaimie Alexander as the female action star,  my rating of Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 8 remains at 1 ¾ stars.




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