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Blindspot - A TV Show Review, Season 3, Episode 10 - Jaimie Alexander’s Character Has a Setback


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Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10 Introduction


Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10 begins with a flashback concerning refugees in Sudan.

Because of the various storylines involving Jane Doe, Jaimie Alexander’s character, there are numerous flashbacks throughout this episode. Somehow due to TV magic, out of the blue, Jane Doe’s brother is right there with the refugees overseas after they are told by a questionable person of interest they can immigrate to the U.S.


Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10 Flashbacks and Storylines


Personally, I am not a fan of the chance meetings and coincidences in Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10.  Also suspect is how in one minute the FBI can have a gun fight with assailants, at least one is left and the FBI does not go after the suspect.   Strange but true in this episode of Blindspot.

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During this episode, Jane Doe meets another possible partner in her resolve to live separately from her husband because of what he did. It looks like Jane Doe may have some indiscretions of her own, especially involving someone she worked with previously. In fact, with so many secrets, meetings, and chance events, it’s a wonder the newlyweds (Jane Doe and her husband)  are still married.

I think this episode was not realistic because everything was handled and seemed to be come to a head at the same time.   However, I have to give kudos to Jane Doe for at least acting less impulsive than her partner while disarming a bomb. By the way, It’s par for the course for a bomb to be disarmed in most of the episodes.

Since there are so many storylines in the Blindspot TV series, it is not difficult for writers to find a way to link one character to the other.  For example Jane Doe’s daughter was in contact with her brother which involved an exchange of money that they “smartly” transacted out in the open, and in view of cameras.


Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10 Rating



In my opinion, there were instances where Jane Doe made appearances and said a few lines, but the TV show does not revolve exclusively around her. For this reason, I’m rating Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10 lower than the previous one. Just when I thought Blindspot  was moving forward in the right direction by showcasing Jaimie Alexander’s character as the main star as well as the female action star,  there was a setback in Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 10.  Hopefully she will reclaim her prominence as a TV action star and rebound in subsequent episodes. For now, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with five stars being the best, I rate Blindspot TV show 1 ¼ stars.  


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