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Blindspot TV Review - Season 3, Episode 11 - Jane Doe Gets Caught in Twists and Turns


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Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 11 starts off with a huge twist in the story that centers around Jane Doe and her daughter.  Because of the constant changing of the storyline, the writers show various flashbacks to bring you up to date, just in case you are not clear on what is happening.

In this episode, I like how Jane Doe seems to take control of the situations, even though she is paired back with her husband by her boss.  There is a triangle of power here, especially when Jane suggests that her previous romantic interest be part of the team.  Of course it is highly unlikely for the FBI to hire a total stranger based upon the word of someone who herself did not know who she was a while back.  But it happened. So Jane Doe is part of a team that is made up of her husband as well as her friend. I don’t think her husband was believable as the jealous husband, so he needs to work on that aspect of his acting.

In this episode of Blindspot, Jane Doe, Jaimie Alexander’s character is not quite the center of attention but a great deal of the story revolves around her, since her daughter is involved. However, for the most part, the actions in this episode are predictable. There was the bomb rescue again as well as the second sub-story going on.  I will continue to review Blindspot with the hope that something really dramatic happens that involves Jane Doe to keep my interest.


Blindspot Season 3, Episode 11  devoted the majority of its time slot to Jane Doe, and for that reason, I will be scoring it higher than the last episode.  However, the predictability  level of the story was high and there was a lack of suspense.  By the way, the story ended again with a phone call from -- guess who -- Jane Doe’s brother, just as it has in a  few of the other episodes. Unfortunately, if the Blindspot TV series does not change in storylines, future reviews may not have a much higher rating than this one.  In the meantime, I will keep my fingers crossed that more exciting storylines are in the works. Just a reminder to the writers to try to fit Jane Doe’s tattoos in the storylines which was not done in this episode.

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest, I rate Blindspot Season 3 Episode 11 two (2) stars.

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