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Top 5 Video Games at E3 2012

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Top 5 Video Games at E3 2012

Everyone who experienced E3 held in Los Angeles, CA either online or in person probably walked away with their own assessment of their top 5 video games.  If your top 5 video games do not appear in the list below, do not fret or doubt your choices.  It is very likely that at least one of your favorite new video games appears in the list below.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 video games at E3 2012 in order -- from top to bottom.


1.  Watch Dogs by Ubisoft

Watch Dogs seemed to come out from nowhere and made a big splash at E3 2012.  The enticing storyline, coupled with character powers that did not include bloody encounters (at least not on the demo) was a welcome change.  The idea of data being enemies instead of help mates was intriguing in and of itself.

You as the player controls Aiden Pearce, who can navigate data as he pursues his target.  The question asked during the E3 demo was : Who controls the computer?

assassins creed 3

2.  Assassin's Creed III holds the number two spot.  With video games seeming to follow similar, sometimes predictable premises, one that goes a different route deserves a second look.  Assassin's Creed III takes us back to the colonial era.  With the future of the world hanging in the balance, you should take your gameplay in Assassin's Creed very seriously.


3. Beyond:  Two Souls is in the number three spot.  You may be seeing a pattern here.  Games with storylines that use imagination and creativity are taking the top spots.  Beyond: 2 Souls video game continues this trend with the main character being one who has special telekinetic powers.


Star Wars 1313

4. Coming in  fourth is Star Wars 1313.  In a creative twist, you will play the bounty hunters.  To top it off, this game will be the first mature rated Star Wars which is a change within and of itself. 


Far Cry 3

5.  Last but not least -- In the number 5 spot is Far Cry 3 which caused a buzz at E3 due to the painted female in the opening segment of the video game.  You will be able to explore many different worlds in Far Cry 3, as well as enjoy the gameplay.


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