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Video Games: PlayStation 4 Controller, Video Game Demos and PS 4's Release Time Frame Revealed at Sony's PlayStation Press Event


Sony reveals PlayStation 4 release date is holiday season, 2013.

Sony's PlayStation Press Event on February 20, 2013 began with promoting its history as well as discussing its mantra to "push the boundaries."  The press event included talk of the PS Vita to not only be the mobile device that it is, but plans are underway for the system to expand to living rooms as well.

Did you know the PlayStation 4 started production about 5 years ago, when the PlayStation 3 was first produced?  According to Mark Cerny, Lead Systems Architect, it's true.  The production for PlayStation 4 began just as the PlayStation 3 was launched. As the world of video games changed, so did the next generation system. Video game consoles used to have a single purpose -- a platform to play games -- but have evolved into being a lot more.

Here are some of the goals for the PlayStation 4 that were discussed during the event:

1.  Make sure nothing comes between the platform and the joy of playing games.

2.  Connect players to a larger experience

3.  Be a game creation for game creators. The system was designed with the video game developers in mind, as well as gamers. 

Some technical specifics about the system includes the architecture being charged by an X86 CPU, use of enhanced PC GPU for graphics, and the system currently has an 8 GB memory.


PlayStation 4 Controller

Sony had an actual PlayStation 4 controller at the press event and described it as having an enhanced rumble, touch pad, a stereo camera and a light bar that can be used to identify players. 

The controller also has a Share button for you to share gameplay live with friends.  Friends can also post comments on your gameplay.

Descriptions of the PlayStation 4 and the controller were followed by demos of video games that will be playable on the PlayStation 4.   The first game demo was for the video game Knack. 

Changes in the network itself was also discussed.  According to Sony, speed of response will be more immediate to reduce lag time, and you will be able to download games quickly in the background.  Additionally, digital video games can be played while the game is downloading.

According to Sony, the social aspect of playing games using the PlayStation 4 will be enhanced. If you like,  you will have the option to reveal your real name as a friend, instead of your online name.

You will be able to browse live video games being played.  Need help with a video game?  You  can choose to have your friend take over the controls and guide you through the gameplay.

There will also be an option  to transfer gameplay from the PS4 to the PS Vita.  In fact, Sony stated that the company's goals include making every PlayStation 4 video game playable on the PS Vita.

PlayStation cloud service was also discussed.

Developers described the gaming experience using the PlayStation 4 as being simple or "elegant." The developers described elegant as a balance between simulation and how deep and rich the gaming experience will be.  

The remainder of the Sony press event included trailers/demos from several PlayStation 4 video games including Killzone Shadow Fall, The Witness, Deep Down, Watch Dogs and Destiny.  Blizzard also announced that Diablo 3 will be available for play on the PlayStation 4.


Killzone Shadow Fall will be playable on the PlayStation  4.



The Witness, a PlayStation 4 video game, will consist of 25 hours of gameplay. 


Watch Dogs video game will be playable on the PlayStation 4.



Destiny, Halo 4's successor, closed out the Sony PlayStation 4 press event.

Sony ended the event with an announcement that Halo's 4 successor, Destiny is slated for play on the PlayStation 4.  There will also be special content of Destiny to be developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Even though the PlayStation 4 system itself was not revealed during the press event, it was announced that the PlayStation 4 will be available during the holiday season 2013.

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