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Video Games: Watch Dogs To be a Next Gen Video Game?


Watch Dogs Video Game

The video game, Watch Dogs was the surprise hit at last year's E3 video game expo in Los Angeles, CA.  Not much was said about its release date until now.  It is rumored that the video game may be released sometime during the holiday season, 2013.  With the anticipation that the next generation console systems, Xbox 720 and the PS 4 will also be available sometime in 2013, the question is will Watch Dogs be playable on the next generation systems.


Watch Dog 

Since the game is currently in production, it goes without saying that the game will be playable on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  The latest is that it looks as if regardless of what video gaming system you may have, you will be able to play the game when it is released.   WiiU owners have not been left out -- You also will be able to play the game on your WII U as well.


Watch Dogs video game

Ubisoft should be able to put the rumors to rest when they reveal exactly when Watch Dogs will be released and the systems Watch Dogs will be playable on -- hopefully sometime in the near future.

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