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Video Games: The Last of Us: The Movie?


The Last of Us video game

Will a block-buster video game make the transition and become possibly a block-buster movie?  Looks like Sony may be planning to do just that with its video game, The Last of Us.  If this happens, The Last of Us will follow in the footsteps of other Sony video games that have moved on to become movies, or are currently in the works to be movies.  The jury is probably still out as to whether this possible "video game turned into movie"  will make as big a splash on the big screen as it did on the PlayStation 3 console.


Ellie from The Last of Us video game

The Last of Us is a rated M (Mature) exclusive PS 3 video game that is an action-adventure survival horror game, released on June 14, 2013.  It is developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is probably no surprise that after the video game sold over 3.4 million copies within 30 days of its release that Sony may be attempting to increase profits from this game by turning it into a movie.


Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us video game

Interesting enough, Sony has not officially announced an upcoming The Last of Us movie.  The news of a possible movie was "leaked" when Sony registered two domain names tied to this game.  The domain names are and 

The registration of these two domain names may indicate the possibility or at least an openness of Sony to consider having a movie adaptation of the video game The Last of Us.

Will a The Last of Us movie actually materialize and give fans and others an opportunity to see the story unfold on the big screen?   I guess, for now, we will have to just wait and see.

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