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Video Games: Gran Turismo 6 Launches December 6, 2013


Gran Turismo 6 video game

There are lots of reasons to keep your PlayStation 3 video game console, even if you have in your possession the next generation PlayStation 4.  Among the many reasons to do so is because Sony continues to bring quality video games to the PS3.  One such quality game is the newly released racing simulation video game -- Gran Turismo 6.

Gran Turismo 6 is a rated E for Everyone PS 3 exclusive video game, developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.  Gran Turismo 6 has been in the works since the game's creator,  Kazonori Yamouchi announced the start of its development back in November 2011.


Gran Turismo 6

Because the game is a simulated racing game, oftentimes and invariably it is compared to Fortza Motorsport 5 which is also a rated E for Everyone racing video game.  One of the differences is this game was a November 22, 2013  launch title for the next generation system, the Xbox One. So right off the bat, you have an "older generation"  PS3 game (Gran Turismo 6) pitted against a new generation video game for the Xbox One (Fortza Motorsport 5) which does not seem to be a fair comparison.

That being said, if you are a car racing video game fan, you may prefer playing either of these games -- or maybe you enjoy playing both Gran Turismo 6 and Fortza Motorsport 5.  Each are purported to give you a uniquely different video game simulated driving experience -- even though most reviews seem to give Fortza Motorsport 5 the edge.

For Gran Turismo 6 gameplay, you can expect to have a choice of 1200 cars to race in 33 different locations.  There is also flexibility in the events you may want to participate in during the game as well as the  order of play.  Additionally, there are podium positions where you earn not only credits but stars.  The stars allow you to unlock further events in that specific race class.


Gran Turismo 6 video game

Gran Turismo 6 is the first GT series where you can use micro transactions to buy in-game credits with real world cash -- similar to Fortza Motorsport 5.

If you want to play this game, there is no need to wait since it is available now.  Gran Turismo 6 was released in the U.S. on December 6, 2013.  Those in Japan and Asia enjoyed an earlier release date of December 5, 2013.

Maybe you are a die-hard PS4 gamer now that  you have your PS4.  If so -- do not fret.  There are plans to release a PS4 version of  Gran Turismo in the near future -- possibly some time in 2014.

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