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Video Games: Halo 5 To Be Released for Xbox One


Halo 5 video game

Looks like the most inquisitive question regarding Halo 5 is when will it be released.  Here's what is known about Halo 5 -- so far. Halo 5 will be playable on the Xbox One -- not the Xbox 360.  The fact that you can play Halo 5 only on the Xbox One may not have set well with some video game players who have not yet obtained this system but would like to play the game when it is released. 


Halo 5 will follow the successful release of Halo 4 video game 

A decision was made by Microsoft Studios boss, Phil Spencer in October 2012 not to delay the release of Halo 4 for the launch of the next generation video game console, the Xbox One.  Halo 4 was released for the Xbox 360 worldwide on November 6, 2012.  

Since Halo 4 is one of Microsoft's biggest release video game, if not the biggest, it is not surprising the company is going to be strategic about the release date of its successor, Halo 5.  It may or may not have helped that the developer of the game has changed from the previous Bungie Studios to the current 343 Industries.  It's thought that Bungie Studios would have had more creative control on when the game would be released as well as the system the game would be playable on.


Halo 5 video game

However, all is not lost.  The good news is that former Tomb Raider Creative Director Tim Longo was hired by 343 Industries to work on Halo 5 and to add his expertise to the game. Tim Longo formerly worked on the Tomb Raider video game while at Crystal Dynamics before he moved on to Lucas Arts which was purchased by Disney. Soon after Disney game section closed down in April 2013, Tim Longo joined 343 Industries.


Halo 5 video game

Interesting enough, even without a firm release date available for Halo 5, you can pre-order the game from places such as the Microsoft Store and now if you like.  The release date of December 2014 on is more than likely a place-holder date, since it is known that Halo 5 will be released some time in 2014. As with most pre-orders, payment of the game is not charged to you until the game ships.

It is hopeful  that a date will be "leaked" shortly, to get us all out of suspense as to when Halo 5 will actually be released.

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