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Video Games: A New Kind of Video Game -- Framed


Framed Video Game

Have you ever played a video game and wished you could change some element of the action, characters or other aspect of the story so the ending would be different.  Well, if you have, there is no need to keep wishing any longer.  The video game, Framed, is different and unique in that you will be able to actually change the sequence of the action frames which will result in a different story scenario.

 You may have thought from the title -- Framed--  that the story line involved framing someone of maybe a crime -- but this is not the case.  In a creative play on words, the video game has to do with changing frames in the game -- hence the name, Framed.


If you would like to visualize a picture of how you play this game, think of comic book panels and having the ability to change the panels to change the story.

Framed is developed by Loveshack Entertainment and the game will be playable on Steam and will also be  available at the App store.

Sounds like a game you would like to play?  You will be able to play this video game when it releases some time in 2014.  A specific release date was not available at press time.

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