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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: How the "Tables Can be Turned Around" (Part 1)


 Xbox Ones stacked, circa March 2014, more probably in storage 

The competition between Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4 continues, with Sony's PlayStation 4

seemingly winning.  I admit that I was one of those video game players who waited in a long line eagerly anticipating getting the PlayStation 4 when it launched on November 15, 2013.  I had no plans to stand in line for the Xbox One when it launched November 22, 2013.  I chose the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One because Sony seemed to have a more stable outlook of what video gamers want -- while Microsoft did a lot of waffling about what the video gamers can and cannot do on its system. Additionally the television, or video watching rather than the video gaming aspects of the Xbox One were stressed. This would have been ok, if your sole purpose in purchasing a video gaming system was to watch television.   From my perspective, Microsoft was concentrating on the non-gaming features of its new system while Sony, in my opinion, took the right and more effective approach of emphasizing the gaming aspects of the PlayStation 4.  

Of course, there were some problems with the PS4 at launch, after all it was a completely new system; however, Sony was quick to respond to problems with the PS4 and in some cases shipped out replacement units in record time based on the extent of the problem.  I am a witness to this.  Experiences may vary, however, my communications with Sony's Customer Support were positive and always resulted in some fast action on Sony's part to resolve the problem.  I now have a PS4 that I am satisfied with.  Video game players were even told ahead of time about  the requirement to load a patch as soon as they received their PS4 at launch date. This was communicated prior to the launch date, so there were no surprises or confusion as to what you had to do when you first plugged in and turned on your PS4.

Now -- lets look at how Microsoft chose to introduce its Xbox One.  First of all, it appears that noone really knew what the system would be called.  Finally, during the Microsoft press conference, video game players found out the system would be called the Xbox One instead of the Xbox 720.  To be fair to Microsoft, there was also speculation as to what the Sony's PlayStation 4 would be called with Orbis mentioned as a possible name--which thankfully, in my opinion, did not stick.  However, Sony did not keep video gamers in as much suspense as Microsoft did with the name of its console, and once released, the name of the system did not change for the PS4.  This is not true for the Xbox One.  My question to Microsoft is why number a video game system "One," when it is clearly not the first generation console.  Months later, under a new advertising campaign, Microsoft stated that the Xbox One, was an "All in One System" which in my opinion is not a unique idea.  There are lots of "all in one" systems on the market, including it's competing rival, the PS4. Microsoft's attempt to increase excitement for its system, seems to have fallen on deaf ears -- in my opinion.


Xbox One vs PS4 

Additionally, when the PlayStation 4 was introduced as PlayStation 4 or simply PS4 -- the name stuck.  This was not the case for the Xbox One.  The Xbox One is sometiimes referred to as Xbone.  When I first saw this name in print, my first thought was that someone was trying to underrate Xbox One by referring to it as a "bone."  I deciphered Xbone as "X + bone" instead of "Xbox - one" where the "ox" was simply dropped and replaced by "one."  I do not know who started this name reference, but my recommendation is for it to stop before it takes off and gets a life of its own.   You may ask exactly what is in a name -- My response would be "Everything."  Personally, the image of a bone, is not one I would like to visualize when I referred to my video game console system as Xbone.


PS4 and Xbox One

Of course there are die-hard Xbox One and PS4 fans who will buy their system of choice, no matter the botched publicity of the Xbox One, vs. the focused, video game player PR from Sony.  By now, you probably already own your console of choice, or have an idea of which system you plan to get.  Alternatively, you may opt to get both systems and enjoy the benefits both can offer.

However, looking from the viewpoints of Sony and Microsoft, your choice does make a difference. Both companies are out to get your video game playing dollars so it would be in their favor, from a bottom line stance, if you chose to purchase their video game console system over the competitor.

Just who is winning so far -- the Xbox One or the PS4? How can the tables be turned for the less popular system? Check out Part 2 for these answers and more coming soon.

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