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Video Games: Path of Exile Is 5 Million Users Strong


Path of Exile

Sometimes it takes time for a video game to hit the 5 million users mark.  In the case of Path of Exile, a New Zealand PC video game, developed by Grinding Gear Games, it took about seven years to reach this point. It may also help that Path of Exile is  free-to-play and has been since its inception.  

Path of Exile has been in open beta testing and as recent as October 2013, had a 2 million user fan base.  Since that time the fan base has grown to its current 5 million users mark.


Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a PC online Role Playing Game (RPG) where you essentially control one character throughout while exploring outdoor worlds, battling monsters and the like. The game itself is described as a dark fantasy one which is set on the continent , Wraeclast, that is haven for unsavory type characters. The gameplay plots the video game player against a wilderness filled with dangerous inhabitants -- with each out to survive at all costs. The actions in Path of Exile has been compared to that of the video game, Diablo.


Path of Exile

Regarding the 7 year timeframe to reach the 5 million users mark, Grinding Gear Games Jonathan Rogers indicated they thought the game would take no more than two and one half years to develop; however, a lot more work went into making this game, which stretched the time out.  In other words, the game took a lot longer to develop than expected.  The game was further helped by the fans raising $2.5 million via an online fundraiser when the company temporarily ran out of money for the game.

Path of Exile is out now and is available free to play on Steam as well as on Grinder Gears Games website,

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