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Video Games: Watch Dogs Vs GTA V


Watch Dogs Vs Grand Theft Auto V

It is rather difficult not to take notice of the extraordinary success of Grand Theft Auto V.  This game made video game history by selling over 800 million copies at launch and over 1 billion copies in three days.  That is quite an accomplishment for a video game that has not been in the public eye and playable since April 2008. If some video game players seemed to be in awe of GTA V, it is not surprising that competing video game companies perked up and noticed all the hoopla about GTA V.  This is especially true of a video game company that is bringing out what has been described as a highly anticipated game, introduced about two years ago at the E3 Expo that was held in Los Angeles, California.  The company being referred to is  Ubisoft and the video game is Watch Dogs.


Watch Dogs Video Game

It's probably a known fact that success is copied.  This holds true for video game companies as well. The question is does Ubisoft plan to try to duplicate the success of GTA V by including some of the video game play, actions and other GTA V facets in Watch Dogs' game play.


According to Ubisoft's Watch Dogs' director, Jonathan Morin, the answer to this question is a resounding "No."  To paraphrase Jonathan Morin, Watch Dogs in no shape or form will try to resemble GTA V in order to try to match or surpass its success.

He compares any attempt to try to do so to that of trying to keep up with your neighbors, aka the Joneses.

In his words:  "What you don't do is start copying or start feeling the pressure of your neighbor, like "Oh my God, we need a chopper."


Scene from Watch Dogs Video Game

With Watch Dogs within days of being released, the impression may be that it is impossible to make changes to this video game within such a short time-frame.  However, with the magic of downloadable code (DLC) as well as the option to push the release date back -- changing the game play of Watch Dogs may not be as difficult as it may appear.

That being said, Watch Dogs will not have any discernible changes to emulate GTA V when it  launches on November 19, 2013.  This may be good news for Watch Dogs fans who are anxiously awaiting, not a clone of GTA 5, but an original game that is expected to deliver a video game experience like no other.

Watch Dogs is a rated M new generation PS4 and Xbox One launch title video game which will also be available for play on the WII U and the PC.  The PS4 video game system releases on Novemenber 15, 2013 and the Xbox One will be available on November 22, 2013.

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