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Video Games - What Do You Think About DLC?


Coming Sepember 20, 2011!

 Source of News:, Jeff Lugar, August 16, 2011

 As you probably know,  DLC stands for Downloadable Content for video games.  The writer of this article entitled "Getting Nickeled and Dimed" is voicing his concern about the ever increasing need to buy additional, should I say, software? when purchasing games.

As a basis for this news article, I went to  Game Stop and inquired about games with online codes.  Apparently, I was not quite clear, because I was asked if I was referring to  Microsoft points?  I explained further, in more detail.  The sales person suggested the Gears of War game at a cost of  $29.99 with  lots of additional DLC already loaded.   Of course the catch for the $29.99 price was that the game was already out of date. The new game is expected out September 20, 2011.  Hence, my picture of the latest Gears of War 3 game for this article.

Now back to the news article.  The author seems to lament about the good old days when all you did was go to maybe an Electronic Boutique, and bought a video game, and that was it.  You took the game home, and maybe checked the forum to see if there were any bugs, problems, etc. with the game.

Current day, of course, just about everything has changed!  Now if there are problems with games, software patches or some other form of electronic notifications are sent to fix the problems. In fact, even if the game is only a few weeks old, you can sometimes expect a patch to come with or shortly follow the purchase of a game.

The DLC is viewed as both a positive and a negative.  Positive --  if the DLC is implemented smartly and makes the game play longer.  Negative -- if the DLC is seen as a "money grab", or a way to get your money, especially if the DLC is almost useless.  The example the author gave was the extra cost for horse armor for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game, and the $15.00 map packs for Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2. Another negative example given was the DLC cases for the L.A. Noire game that did not quite fit the story lines, and gave the impression of being  makeshift.

According to the author, some other money grabs are the  online passes and the requirement for pass codes for online, competitive type games.  Buying these type games may present somewhat of a problem if the game is bought used -- without the pass code.

There may be some discontent regarding these codes, but at the end of the day, noone wants to be "left out in the cold" without the latest map packs for Black Ops, or some other DLC that other video game players have. 

Ms. H's take:  From a revenue generating standpoint, I can see why the DLC and online codes and other money making sources were added by the video game companies, albeit,  at an expense to  the video game player.  However, in my opinion, DLC, is most likely here to stay in one form or another,  and will become just another part of the video game purchasing experience.  Regarding the cost, is lowering the price of DLC an option for the gaming companies?

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Calling All Rambo Fans! Here's the Latest!


 Source of news:  IFC News, Matt Singer, August 9, 2011

 Extra, Extra.  Read All About it!

 Reef Entertainment is bringing out a new Rambo video game in 2012.

With the movie "The Expendables 2" scheduled for release  next summer, Craig Lewis, Commercial Director at Reef is betting 2012 will be as good a time as any to bring back Rambo.

His words:

"Rambo will be a triple-A title on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will capture the gritty atmosphere and full-on action which made the Rambo movies so successful."

According to the author of the news article, we should not expect much of a story-line.  Just lots of battles, vehicle chases, climbing, and hand to hand combat.  Of course, Rambo will be unphased through it all, being the seemingly one man army that he is -- or will his plight depend on your game play?

Ms. H's take: Since this  article states that Reef Entertainment is trying to put its name on the world map with Rambo in 2012,  I'm thinking Rambo will be brought back in a big way.  A brief  comparison was made of Rambo and a game I played during my Mom's Minute reviews, "Unchartered."  I recall  this game was an ok type game.

So what are my thoughts on the 2012 Rambo game? In my opinion, the jury is out for now.  Let's wait and see what Rambo delivers.

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Video Games: Can Your Game Compete?



Source:  Technology, Will Colvin, August 16, 2011

If you had to choose between playing a new video game, let's say Batman Arkham City,  and going to see a new movie premiere release -- Dark Knight Rising (Coming in July 2012), would you pick the video game or the movie?  Or maybe both?

The gist of this article is the author states competition is not only between the video game companies, but is expanding to movies versus video games.  In other words, you may have to choose between playing the newest  game, or electing to watch the latest movie.

Just as movie studios decide when to release their block buster movies, the video game industry is also faced with this similar scheduling task.  On top of that, the video game companies have to take in consideration when other games are being launched so they can stay ahead, or try to beat the competition.

For example, Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3 by Activision is expected out November 8, 2011.  However, a week and a half prior to that, Electronic Arts is expected to release Batttlefield 3.  The author recommends that Electronic Arts makes good use of its week and a half head start, given the track record of previous competition between these two games.  Back when it was lauched in 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2  outsold Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010) during its first 24 hours than the latter did in one month. Scenes from both games are pictured here.

 battlefield_2        callofduty1

Battlefield: Bad Company 2                           Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 2

 By the way -- good news for the video game industry.  According to IT research firm Gartner, video games' worldwide sales are expected to be close to $75 billion this year, up from the total reached in 2010 of $67 Billion.  With that amount of money at stake, it would not be surprising if the competition got aggressive.  However, according to the author, the video game companies are "minding their manners."  No heavy-handed promotions going on so far.

Ms. H's take:  I think the playing field is large enough for both new video games and new movie releases. Why not get both new video games when they are released, instead of choosing between the two, if you want.  Regarding making a choice between video games and going to see the latest movies, isn't doing both an option?  Either way, the video game players will come out ahead.  After all, both the video game and movie industries are vying for our business!

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BReAKING News! How to Drive a Video Game!


 Source of news:  Shane McGlaun, SlashGear, August 5, 2011

 Have you ever played a "sit down" arcade video driving game and wondered how it would feel to actually drive the car?  Well, wonder no more.   According to the author of the news article titled, "OutRun Arcade Game Actually Drives on the Road," some researchers at the University of California at Irvine have done just that.

The research project -- concept car (pictured), began as a sort of  informatics system to help the disabled drive and do other things, but evolved into a video game you can drive.

The engineers used an old OutRun sit down model arcade game and mounted the game to a chassis that can actually move down the road.  You sit behind  the video screen, and when you are on the road, you steer the car looking at the screen instead of what is really in front of you.

I researched another source and found out this concept car has a maximum speed of about 13 miles per hour.

 Ms. H's take:  Maybe if the OutRun video game car was in an enclosed area,  I may give the car only a very slight nod of approval. In my opinion, looking at the game screen instead of your actual surroundings is not the safest way to drive a car, even if it is a video game.

By the way, did you figure out that my headline for this news article was really  "Braking News?"  

On a positive note, I applaud the ingenuity of those who developed the OutRun concept car video game that you can actually drive.

But I have to ask -- What's next?  An airplane video game that you can actually fly?

My minute is up!  I always enjoy  sharing my video game news with you!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for my website, please comment here or in my forum.

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Video Game Rental Anyone?


Source:  PC World, Peter Smith, August 9, 2011

Sometimes called the "Netflix" of video games, GameFly  is a video game rental company.  You pay a fixed price for a certain number of games out at a time. 

GameFly requires membership at a cost of about $15.95 per month for one game at a time and  $22.95 per month for two games.  According to the author, these prices seem a little steep.

So what is the video game news here?  Apparently, GameFly plans to add PC and MAC games to its video game rental porfolio.  Installation of a client is required.

Subscribers will have access to both physical console game rentals and digital computer game rentals.  The PC game rental segment is new.  According to GameFly's co-founder, Sean Spector, there will be over 100 titles available to rent at launch, which is expected to grow.

The new client will also add a social aspect to the GameFly experience, where customers can share lists of games, follow other customers, etc.

Looks like GameFly  will have competition in its new venture of PC game rentals -- GameTap.  GameTap is a subscription based PC gaming platform that is old hat when it comes to PC game rentals.  GameTap charges about $9.95 per month, and offers second tier games as well as retro games run by emulators.  However, the author states this company has been struggling since launching in 2005.

Ms. H's take.  I agree with the author that the GameFly subscription price seems a bit high, so the addition of PC and MAC games to the mix may (in my opinion)  be a cost-benefit to the customer. Of course, current subscribers may have their own views about this,  including whether  PC and MAC game rentals  are welcome additions.

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