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NCIS Fan? Here's a Game For You!


NCIS:  Coming Fall, 2011

Source of News: Gaming Blend, Pete Haas, September 21, 2011

Article:  NCIS Video Game Coming to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC

If you are a Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS)  fan, this may be the game for you.  Ubisoft and CBS Consumer Products are teaming up to bring you the video game version of NCIS. It will be available for purchase and play for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo WII and the PC. 

NCIS's release date is the fall (October?), 2011.  A specific date is unavailable at this time.

The game will have cases for you to solve, which will involve travelling to various locales to seek clues to solve the crime.  There will be mini-games along the way to cover different aspects of the case.

Here is a picture of some of the characters from the television show.


Ms. H's take:  I think it's beneficial to the game companies to bring this video game out  in order to widen their customer base, among other reasons.  However, this game may not be as exciting and action packed as some of the other  video games  that are based on big movie productions or even other action type scenarios. 

This game would probably be on the lower end of what I would pay for a video game since it may not hold my interest.   I think this game will be high on dialogue and low on action. Just so you know, this is not one of the games I plan to play and review.  However, If I get a specific request from you to do so, I will try to accommodate that.

Of course, your opinion may differ from mine,  especially if you are a fan of the television show!

My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website!  I look forward to sharing more video game news with you! Come back soon!

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Sony to Launch PS Vita -- Japan then U.S.!


Uncharted:  Golden Abyss

Source of News:, Winda Benedetti, September 14, 2011

Article: Sony WIll Launch PlayStation Vita in Japan with 26 Games

Sony has a handheld video game system, the Playstation Vita, which will be introduced in Japan on December 17, 2011. Sony revealed the launch date this past Wednesday, during the Tokyo Game Show 

The PS Vita is unique in that it has  touch enabled screens on both sides.  The game system will launch with 26 games, one of which will be Uncharted:  Golden Abyss (pictured).

Looks like we (the U.S.) will have to wait until after Japan's launch before this system becomes available to us. But at a cost of approximately $249.00 - $300.00, maybe the time lag will give us time to save up!   It does seem a little pricey.  Sony may have to learn from Nintendo, and reduce its price in order to increase the number of units sold.

Here are two pictures showing the PS Vita alone and being held, to give you an idea of the size of the system.



With 26 games readily available at launch time, and 74 games in the works, Sony has announced this is the biggest video game line up for a new game system ever.

Of course Sony's PS Vita will be competing against the Nintendo 3DS, as well as new and existing games available on smart phones and other video game platforms.

When will the PS Vita launch in the U.S?   As of this time, no date has been released for the U.S. Sony will keep us in a shroud of mystery surrounding the U.S.. launch date.

Ms. H's take.  I like new and innovative game systems!  As you may know, I also like choices.  Hats off to Sony for providing an additional avenue to enjoy video games!  By the way, another game that will be available for the PS Vita is  the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, which I  reviewed  on Mom's Minute.  I recall that I gave this game a high review.

Here is the PS Vita showing Marvel vs. Capcom:


My message to Sony and other vide game companies?  Keep making video gaming interesting with new  and exciting systems and games.  And this is my message specifically  to Sony:  Don't leave the U.S. in the dark too long regarding the launch date!  Let us know when the PS Vita will launch in the U.S.!

My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website. I look forward to sharing more video game news with you.

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Video Games: Ready for the New Max Payne Game?


Max Payne 3:  Release date -- March 2012

Source of News:, Tom Pakinkis September 16, 2011

Article:  Max Payne 3:  Dissected

Rockstar has a new  video game in the works for you, Max Payne 3, for the Xbox 360, PS 3 and PC. The trailers for this game were released just this week. 

 From what I've read and seen of this video game from the article, it is definitely rated Mature -- so if you are under 17, it is highly recommended that you do not play this game.

Max Payne 3 starts about 10 years after the time frame in the  2nd installment of this game.  Max Payne is no longer a policeman, but is working for a rich family in Brazil in the private security field.   His mission in this game seems to be to save the kidnapped daughter of  the family.

Here is a  picture of Max Payne 3 showing the female character, Fabiana, the daughter who was kidnapped for ransom.


In  an office scene in the game, all of a sudden Max Payne  is ramsacked by enemies.  The author of the article speculates the kidnappers are not waiting for him to rescue the female character, or  some other reason.  These are trailer scenes, so apparently  some of what is happening in the scenes are the result of assumptions and guesswork.  Hopefully the mystery will be solved when the game comes out.

There are lots of shoot outs in this game, even with a scene where a shot is followed in much detail.

Ms. H's take.  If this video game was a mystery, where you have to figure out who did what and when then I might consider playing this game.  However, what I do like about this game is the main character, Max Payne, is being honorable in protecting a family.  However, I also read that he partakes of substances which he should not, and sometime acts irrationally.  At one point the reviewer states he becomes "All Max" which does not seem to be a  good thing for his enemies.

Looks like this game is anticipated by a lot of video game players.  But for my Mom's Minute Reviews, I think I would skip this one.

In my opinion, each person has their own interests regarding the type video games they play.  So if  you enjoy playing these type games, then that's fine.   From the trailers, it looks to be action packed!

That's it for my video game news.

WIth such a large volume and wide variety of video game news, it's exciting to see what I can find next to share with you.  I hope you are enjoying visiting my website and keeping up with the video game news!

Also, I have website news for you!  A change is coming to my website! I have only a few of my sayings posted now, but I plan to load the rest of my sayings from my Mom's Minute segment , just in case you would like to peruse at your leisure!  

And that is not all! Coming soon is something new!  My Saying of the Week!   Look for these changes soon!

If you have any suggestions for my website, please comment here, or in my forum.

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Would You Pay for Video Game Soundtracks?


Source of News:  GameSpy, Mike Sharkey, September 13, 2011

Article:   Blizzard Launches Hub for Video Game Soundtracks

This just in!  Blizzard will be offering select soundtracks of several video games for your listening pleasure on itunes.  Because the soundtracks are  on itunes, you will need an itunes account in order to make a purchase.

Individual songs/music go for $0.99 and full game sound tracks cost $9.99. The author states you get a better deal by buying whole sound tracks instead of individual songs.

One of the video game mentioned that will have  sountracks you can buy  from itunes is StarCraft (pictured).  Of course, there are others as well. 

When I watched StarCraft being played, I do not recall any riveting music--but maybe this was because I was so engrossed in the game itself.

 Ms. H's take. In my opinion, some video games have music that would be enjoyable to listen to outside or without playing the video game itself.  One of the comments left under this article by a video game player was that if he wanted to hear the music, he would just play the video game instead of buying the music from itunes!  My question to him would be -- What happens if you want to listen to the video game music, without actually playing the game?

 I recall several video games that have accompanying soundtracks available for play.  One game that comes to mind is Mortal Kombat, which has music  also on itunes.     I do not have a problem with video game soundtracks being available on itunes.  Just as with other choices, it is up to you if you would like to buy video game music, separate from the video game.  

 I see buying video game soundtracks as another  dimension of video game buying -- now instead of just buying the game, you can also purchase the video game songs or music!!

That's it for my video game news!  My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website, and come back soon!

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I look forward to bringing more video game news to you!

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Video Games: Gears of War 3 -- The Finale?


Gears of War 3 for the Xbox 360 - Release date:  September 20, 2011

Source:  The Canadian Press, Neil Davidson, September 15, 2011

Article:  Gears of War 3 Offers Entertaining Video Game Ride.  A Fine Finale

Could this possibly be the last installment of Gears of War?  Gears of War 3, by Epic Games, for the Xbox 360 has enjoyed a lucrative ride since 2006, selling approximately 13 millon copies.  This purported last installment  of Gears of War drew over 1 million preorders and the online beta version drew about 1.29 million people from about 145 countries.

Not to spoil your suspense with the new game, coming out on September 20, 2011 --  I will tell you the latest version  (according to the author) is more bright and expansive than the dark world of the previous versions.  Also  the single player version seems to be not as challenging as the multiplayer version.

So what's new with Gears of War 3?  Without going into too much detail -- The story line has a boost, there are lots of multiplayer treats, the cast is expanded and the ending is memorable, with everyone displaying a sense of all encompassing characters togetherness and comradie in the end.  Ice-T is the voice of one of the characters and his band plays the Gears of War song.

Here is the cover of Gears of War 3.


According to the author, the game is user-friendly, and  you can enjoy playing this game, even if you have not played the previous 2 versions.

The author ends his article with three words:  "A fine finale."

Ms. H's take.  It remains to be seen if this will be the last version of Gears of War 3.  It would not surprise me if the game comes out with similar characters and scenarios, and a different title, but with a Gears of War flavor.  The author of the article even alludes  to the fact that this will be the last installment, as far as it goes, coming from a money-making franchise.

I've played other war-type video games, and I would be interested in playing this game when it comes out.  Maybe I can do that and give you a review of what I thought of the game!

If you have not preordered this game, and you like war-type games with lots of action, you may want to  play this game.  And the fact that it is supposed to be the last installment may entice you to get the final installment of the game for yourself!

Happy gaming!

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