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Video Games: New Video Games are Out! Will You Get One?


Spiderman:  Edge of Time -- Now Available!

Source of news:  SoHood Magazine.Com, October 4, 2011

Article:  Releases: NBA 2K12, Rage, Dark Souls, Spiderman

It is quite exciting to keep up with all the new video games that are coming out!   Here are the new video games out just this week, fresh from the developers to you!

First up is a new Spiderman game.  The full name of the game is Spiderman:  Edge of Time. Sounds like a movie to me.  Could it be that a movie is in the making?

In the new Spiderman video game, you will take on being both the classic Amazing Spiderman, as well as the 2099 Spiderman.

According to SoHood Magazine,  this game is action-packed.  You will have a challenging mission on your hands in trying to prevent a catastrophic future while  being in two different evolving timelines -- the present and the future! 

Here is what the cover of the game may look like.


Spiderman:  Edge of Time

The second game in the line up of new video games out this week is NBA2K12. Did you know NBA2K11 sold over 5 million copies worldwide?  That is quite an accomplishment in video game sales!  With NBA2K12, you can expect to have even more fun in determining who are the best teams and players of all time!

Here are the covers for the NBA2K12 game.


NBA2K12 video game covers

I'm not familiar with the next two games, but they are Rage and Dark Souls. I have scenes from these games below. 


Dark Souls



Dark Souls is a strategy based game while the mission of Rage is to save human kind.

Ms. H's take:  With all these new video games coming out now, I'm very interested to see what other video game offerings will be available to us as we get closer to the Christmas season --  when video game buying (and playing) may shift into full gear!

My minute is up!  Here's to happy video game playing!

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Video Games: Want to Get Saved from Aliens? Call Rochard!


Rochard:  Available September 27, 2011 (Now!)

Source of News:  Artic StartUp, S. Khan, September 28, 2011

Article:  Rochard is the New Space Hero Protecting Us From Aliens!

Just released is a video game available to play on the PlayStation 3.  Sony Online Entertainment and Finnish Recoil Games bring you an alien fighting hero who goes by the name of John Rochard. Rochard is an astro-miner whose mission is to save earth from evil aliens!

According to the author of the article, this is not simply a side scrolling game where the hero fights aliens with various weapons.  There's much more including puzzles to solve along the way. Rochard even has a side kick alien annihilator.

Here is a picture of the puzzle solving play mode.


The premise of the story is Rochard finds a valuable artifact in space.  Since this artifact is extremely valuable, other forces are interested in taking it for their own.  Of course,  then the struggle to get or to retain the artifact becomes the basis for the fights, etc.

Here is a picture of John Rochard, better known as the "Alien Fighter."


Ms. H's take: I watched a short preview of this game located on the  original article which gave me a flavor of what to expect in this game. But as you know, watching and playing the game are two different things!

From what I see, this game has cartoon type graphics and lots of color combinations. This particular video game is not familiar to me, but according to the author it has been well anticipated.

I mentioned earlier that this game has puzzles for you to solve.  Speaking of puzzles, it puzzles me that a game company would only make a game playable on  one system.  For example this game, which is already out, is available for play on the PS3 only, and is currently not available for other game systems.  

To me and the rest of the non-PS3 owners, I guess we will either have to get a PS3 if we want to play this game, or depend on the kindness of others to let us know how they like it. 

That being said, there's nothing like playing the game for yourself!  Eventually Rochard may expand to other gaming platforms, so we all can play it, either for its entertainment value or just to decide for ourselves whether or not we like this game.

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Video Games: A Scientific Video Game! Show Your Smarts!


Foldit:  An online scientific video game!

Source of News:, Science and Technology, Posted by Leila Gray, September 29, 2011

Article:  Gamers succeed where Scientists Fail

In my quest to bring you interesting and exciting video game news, I could not wait to share this news with you!  Looks like the intelligent minds of smart video game players were very beneficial in helping to solve a scientific problem.

Have you ever heard of Foldit?  Foldit is a new on-line computer game that lets you contribute to important scientific research.  It is  a science based game dealing with molecules, proteins, enzymes, and topics of that nature.   The game was created by computer scientists from the University of Washington in association with Baker Lab.

What is the news here?  When after many years, scientists were unable to put together the structure of an enzyme from an Aids-like virus -- Foldit players were called in.  Amazingly, within only three weeks, the Foldit players were able to put together an accurate model of the enzyme!

Ms. H's take.  With the far-reaching implications of this discovery, I'm surprised this achievement did not get more wide-spread press coverage!  I believe it is scientific, including medical research that form the bases for finding cures for diseases as well as ways to help us remain healthy and productive members of society.  Not to be too deep, but I am really impressed by this discovery by video game players!  Congrats!!

Here is a picture regarding the Foldit online computer game.


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Video Games: Uncharted 3 for the PS3! With Bundle Offer!


Uncharted 3:  Drake's Deceptio

Author:  Ms. H, Mom's Minute

This news article comes to you thanks to a television commercial I saw that I thought was a coming attraction, or preview for a movie.  I was surprised to find that it was actually a commercial about the video game,  Uncharted 3.  The scene shown was action packed and kept my attention throughout.

As a resource for additional information on Uncharted 3, I  used Wikipedia. My other usual sources for video game news  were dated months ago, so it looks like talk about Uncharted 3 has been going on for some time now. In fact,  I found out that this game, or a version of it was played on several late night television talk shows.

So what is the news here?  The news is that Uncharted 3 for the U.S. will be released on November 1, 2011.  Europe's version will be released  on November 2, 2011, and  Australia's version will be released on November 3, 2011.

Here is a picture of the expected video game covers (back and front)  of Uncharted 3 distributed by Sony for the PlayStation 3 game system.


According to the developer, Naughty Dog, Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 3 will have lots of changes. Some of the changes from the previous version  are characters will have additional weapons, there will be puzzle solving, 3D, as well as the option to make up your own Drake character.

For the multiplayer option, new players can join you, regardless of where you are in the game play. To extend the hours of game play, Uncharted 3 will also have Downloadable Code (DLC) available for purchase after the game is released.

Ms. H's take:   Regarding the graphics, the developer indicates the company was trying to give Uncharted 3 a movie-like quality. In my opinion,  the developer may have done just that. From what I saw in the commercial, I would be interested to  play this game and see the rest of the story line.

I recall playing an earlier version of Uncharted 3 and  I think I  that my opinion was that the graphics looked like regular video game graphics.  I plan to see Unchartered 3 graphics "in real life"  so I can let you  know what I think of the actual game, once I've played it.  With all the technology effects possible, I prefer to view the game itself instead of via a television commercial.  But from what I saw, I do not believe I will be disappointed with Uncharted 3 once it comes out.

Update!  Sony announced on September 22, 2011 that a bundle will be available which will include the PS3 console along with a copy of the Uncharted 3 video game.  Also if you purchase the bundle, you will receive a free month of PlayStation Plus.  Price quoted is $299.99.  Is this a good deal for you? 

 As stated above, Uncharted 3 will be in stores November 1, 2011.

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Video Games: Rent Games from Netflix...I meant Qwikster!


 Watch your movies and rent video games too! 

 Source of News:  The Technologizer, Jared Newman, September 19, 2011

 Article:  The Upside of Qwikster:  Video Games

 I am happy to announce to you that Netflix is entering the video game rental arena.  Apparently Netflix wants its share of the video game empire!  The company that will be providing both DVD and video game rental services is called Qwikster.

There's lots of talk about why Netflix would have a separate company, and of all the names available for choosing, why in the world would they pick a name such as Qwikster.

As you may know, Netflix instituted price changes not too long ago.  Could Qwikster be its response to the negativitiy these price changes produced?

Out of curiosity, I visited the Qwikster website and received the picture/message below.


The words beneath Qwikster are "A Netflix Company".  So apparently the service is still in the works.  No projected date was given.

Here's how your video game rental may arrive or look.


The author of the article states that he is dissatisfied with the long delivery times for both GameFly and Blockbuster video game rentals.  He is hoping with Qwikster as competition, the delivery times will improve, or else, he will simply move over to Qwikster.

Ms. H's take.  I believe that Netflix is accomplishing what it set out to do.  What better way to create buzz about its services than to name its company with a name people will either like or dislike.  Either way, people will probably talk about it.  

I read somewhere that no publicity is bad publicity.  It's when people stop talking that you might have problems.

Hopefully you are talking and saying good things about my Moms-Minute website!

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