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Blindspot TV Show Review, Season 3, Episode 7 -- Jaimie Alexander Goes Deeper in the Shadows


It was bound to happen. Blindspot Season 3, Episode 7 starts off with a flashback of the associate who was destroyed and the show ultimately revealed the guilty assailant. The circumstances upon which this occurs is a little sketchy since it seemed unlikely for the victim’s boss to inadvertently stop by his residence.  That being said, this episode must have been made out of sequence, since I noticed that Jane has shorter hair. Of course, maybe she forgot to put on her extensions.  However, Blindspot continues to bring interesting episodes, some far-fetched -- some not. If only they would incorporate Jaimie Alexander’s character more to be an up-front, take charge female action star on the tv series.

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Jamie Alexander’s roles and dialogue in this episode  once again is minimal.  The show this time revolves around a crooked Hirst, who is the boss of the investigators.  Looks like it’s time for Hirst's 15 minutes of fame to be over, as certain criminal activities forged by her are revealed in this episode.  Unfortunately, Jaimie Alexander’s role is to follow her husband around and hang on for her part of the story dealing with her “lost” daughter.

I give the TV show Blindspot credit for coming up with inventive, imaginative crimes; however, the one depicted in episode 7 may lend itself to a possible scare.  For example, how would you like to think the water source has been toxified in the interest of hosting a virus, in order to require the administer of a drug -- all because of the greediness of ruthless drug owners? Quite scary.

Jaimie Alexander has the habit of letting her husband, the other FBI agent go first while she follows -- which is not a good look.  Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 7 can be categorized as a crime drama -- however, to describe it as a crime drama starring a female action star, aka Jaimie Alexander is becoming more and more unbelievable.


To add to  Jaimie Alexander’s remaining in the background, another new female actor appeared in this episode which lessened her chances even more of getting screen time. I also noticed when there was a sharp turn in events, her husband called the other investigator first -- then called Jaimie Alexander followed by the others. Even in receiving important phone calls, poor Jaimie Alexander has to take 2nd place.  Since Jaimie Alexander’s character continues to hide deeper in the shadows, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 7, One and one-half (1 ½ ) stars.

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Blindspot Review: Jaimie Alexander Reclaims her Space on the Show - Season 3, Episode 5

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Jaimie Alexander is Back

After several episodes, Season 3 of  Blindspot seemed to have found its rhythm by moving Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe character back in the spotlight.  I started watching Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5 with reservations, not knowing what to expect relative to how her character would be presented. Well, this episode did not disappoint. But remember -- this could change.  Right off the bat, I could tell that Jaimie Alexander’s  character would be the focus, not only in the action scenes, but also in the developing storyline about someone who was at one time close to her. Just in case, you are following Blindspot and do not want spoilers, I will not divulge who that someone is.

Blindspot Storylines

I am losing count of the different storylines in Blindspot -- some are connected and some are not.  For example, with each episode, there is a cliffhanger that begs the question, what will happen next. Remember the episode where Roman, Jane Doe’s brother threatened the character playing her husband with information of what he did in Germany.  Well, I’m still waiting to find out what that was.  Looks like this lead was dropped and a whole different storyline started.  However, Blindspot redeemed itself with the last cliffhanger by identifying the contents in the envelope -- which was last seen as a cliffhanger in the previous episode.

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Full Disclosure in Blindspot

There are plenty  twists and turns in the plot of  Blindspot; some that are considered moral, and some that are not.  Now that Jaimie Alexander has for now reclaimed her spot in being the center of the story, I can critique other events that are happening around her. There are a lot of secret investigations going on within this office, that may or may not be founded.  Looks like the  rule-book of Blindspot is to suspect everyone and believe no one.  As the storyline unfolded in this episode, there seems to be something amiss with a staff member that their colleagues have found out about.  I’m not a fan of this line of thought  but I guess to keep the storyline going, the writers have to think of something that may be interesting to the viewing audience.



Cliffhangers in Blindspot

One way to try to keep viewers’ interest  is to add a cliffhanger, which I alluded to previously.  Right on cue, Blindspot continues to deliver on ending the show with one.  However, this cliffhanger was more of a revelation known by Jane Doe’s husband and unknown to her.  Even though her memory has been wiped clean, it seems unbelievable that she would not want to see a long lost “relative” of hers -- especially if her husband  (unknowing to her) already has.  With that being said, there are other episodes to come so the anticipation is she will eventually find out, but knowing that he withheld this information from her is probably something she has to contend with.  In other words, the wedding vows of each include honoring each other.  The question is how can he honor his wife by not being truthful or withholding information from her?

Rating of Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5

Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5, 2 ¾ stars.


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Blindspot TV Show Review, Season 3, Episode 6 - Jaimie Alexander’s Spiral Descent

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I must say the storylines of Blindspot are quite creative.  Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 6 involves the use of a movie set, complete with actors, etc. as one of the backdrops of the action and a warehouse for the fighting parts of the show.  Once again, poor Jaimie Alexander’s Jane Doe character seems to be more of decorative feature i.e. like wall paper instead of the star actor.

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Blindspot Season 3, Episode 6 revolves mostly around her husband and her brother.  If my focus on reviewing this TV show was not based on how Jaimie Alexander is being treated as the star,  I would rate this episode higher than I did.  But the main reason I’m watching this TV show is to gauge if the show centers around Jaimie Alexander as a female action star.  Even the comic relief actor has more lines in this episode than Jaimie Alexander.  I thought it was interesting how her husband and another FBI agent (still not Jaimie Alexander) were able to crack a safe and find key words with the comic relief actor providing most of the clues.

There are plenty of twists and turns to keep your interest; however, nothing that focuses on Jaimie Alexander’s character specifically except for the take on if she wants to meet a “relative” of hers.

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However, all is not lost.  You have to wait for this but in this episode Jaimie Alexander shows off her fighting and defense skills when faced with enemies.  Even during her fight scenes in the TV show, I got the impression she could be an extra on the show, instead of the main star.  She was taking orders from her husband and was really always on the tail end of the action.  It was as if she had to ask permission from her husband where to stand when she performed her fights.

By the way, her brother is in this episode as  another side story, but his actions are now predictable; meaning, if he does anything for the good, you can believe that something sinister is behind it.  Nothing new here.

Since Jaimie Alexander’s role is an “extra” on her own TV show instead of the star --  the rating of the show goes down from last week. Based on a rating of 1 star to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 6 -- two (2) stars.


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Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 4 - Jaimie Alexander Out of the Shadows - A Ms. H TV Show Review

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The plot thickens in this episode -- which is a good thing since Jaimie Alexander came back in the spotlight. Could it be that during the fourth episode of the Season 3 of Blindspot the writers finally realized the show should center around Jaimie Alexander -- instead of the other characters. This show was like a breath of fresh air -- in that Jamie Alexander was no longer in the background.  Of course, this could change in the next episodes -- but for now, I was satisfied to sit back, relax and see Jamie Alexander be the lead character that she was meant to be.

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 It was interesting to me how the writer incorporated Jaimie Alexander’s wedding in this episode. Throughout the actions of the show, you would see a video of the different characters offering Jaimie Alexander and her husband best wishes and advice on being a newlywed couple.  I think this was an excellent way to keep Jaimie Alexander front and center in the show. Regarding the other actions of the show -- the writers did an amazing job in keeping your attention focused on Jaimie Alexander.  

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It’s been quite a while since it was obvious to me that Jaimie Alexander was the star of the show. Amid the many characters, Jaimie Alexander was in most of the scenes in this episode. In addition, the story this time focused around her as well as her brother.  Even the criminal seems to be connected to her in some way -- even though how -- is still an enigma. I liked that in this episode Jaimie Alexander was not only front and center -- but she spoke up for herself. When one of the characters indicated that she was in some way tied with the criminal, she immediately spoke up to say she was not.  She gets a gold star for this since I believe that if something is said that is not to your liking, it is up to you to speak up and say something about it at the time -- of course if the setting is appropriate.  


During this episode, I was expecting Jaimie Alexander to be pushed further in the background; however, I’m overjoyed that this episode did just the opposite.  As alluded to earlier in my review,  the storyline  revolved around her and even her brother made appearances. If the show continues in this vein, it may get another season.  However, for now, I’m taking each episode one by one. The flaw continues with Blindspot having way too many characters; however, this episode, in particular, was a step in the right direction!


On a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the best, I rate Bindspot, Season 3 episode 4 -- three (3) stars.  

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Blindspot Bloopers, TV Show Season 3, Episode 5

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There are obvious bloopers that may or may not have been noticed by the director of Blindspot Season 3, Episode 5.  As I  watched the tv show Blindspot, I was not seriously looking for bloopers, misstatements or anything of the like.  It was as if there was a big sign on one of the scenes that read “Blooper Alert.”  In Season 3, Episode 5 of Blindspot I spotted only two bloopers; however, there could have been more.  I think these are the most glaring ones that could not be missed.

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“Show Yourselves Out!” - First Blooper on Blindspot

There is a scene in Blindspot where it looks like the boss is scolding two other investigators about their secret research activities.  He is outraged they suspected one of the other high-profile executives of the atrocity she was being accused of.  Specifically one of the investigators determined that this particular female executive had logged in on his computer using his login information.  When faced with this information, he adamantly refused to believe it was true and screamed at the young ladies -- “Show yourselves out!”  He then ceremoniously turns around, opens the office door, and storms out of the room.  Meanwhile the young ladies continue to talk among themselves.  The blooper occurs when he commands them to show themselves out, but in-turn, he leaves instead.  The young ladies did not budge.  Shouldn’t he have just left the room instead without any parting words?  I’m not sure if this was an ad-lib, but clearly his actions did not correlate with what he ordered the investigators to do.

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Toting a Bag of Sand - Second Blooper on Blindspot

I am taking literary license and calling this scene a blooper because of the precarious way Kurt Weller who is Jane Doe’s husband chose to carry an ill patient.  This scene develops after enemies found out the location of the mother and son that Jane Doe and Kurt Weller were protecting while the patient was in a hospital room.  The sick patient attempted to run out of the room alongside Kurt Weller; however, it was obvious she could not run fast enough.  At that point Kurt Weller decided to carry her.  He practically threw her over his shoulder. The manner in which he carried her was as if he was toting a load of sand. To make matter worse, the scene shows a close up of her derriere next to his face after he flung her over his shoulder.  In this scene, he should have taken the time to actually carry her instead of draping her over his shoulder like a bag of sand.


I watch Blindspot for the content rather than looking for bloopers.  I’m particularly interested in how Jane Doe is being treated in her role as an action star.  However, if bloopers pop up, I will not hesitate to share them with you.  The bloopers did not affect my rating of the show.   I rated the Blindspot, Season 3, Episode 5 -- 2 ¾ stars out of a possible 5 stars.  Suffice it to say  I’m still waiting for the show to improve enough to earn higher ratings.

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