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Video Games: NBA 2K12 and Nike... What's the Connection?


NBA 2K12

Source of News: Forbes, John Gaudiosi, October 28, 2011

Article:  Nike Says Video Games Like 2K Sports' NBA 2K12 Helps Sell Basketball Shoes

By not having Electronics Arts (EA)  as a competitor this year, NBA 2K Sports sold  5.5 million copies of NBA 2K11.  

However, sales of the latest version of the game, NBA 2K12,  took a slight dive in copies sold due to the current  NBA lock out.

In fact, there was a boomerang effect from the NBA lock out -- directly to NBA 2K12 and indirectly  to another company -- Nike.

Apparently Nike uses the realism, HD quality of the shoes worn by the basketball players in the games, as a method to spur sales.

There is a feature in the game where a player can customize the shoes worn by the basketball player.  When the game basketball players  wear authentic NBA uniforms and shoes, the video game playing experience is much more real.

It is Nike's thinking that maybe you,  the video game player will be enticed to buy a pair of the Nike basket ball shoes worn by the players, either for yourself, or for someone else.

Here is the Xbox 360  video cover for NBA 2K12.



Ms. H's take: Nike is using "product placement" mentality  when having their shoes worn prominently by NBA basketball players in NBA 2K.  This is another form of advertising and is within their right as a business for profit. As long as there is no "spamming", I have no problem with this.

I actually played NBA 2k11 basketball, which i enjoyed!

Both EA and 2K Sports are expected to have their basketball video games out for the 2012-2013 season!  Maybe I will be able to play one or both of these games for you and give you my review!

My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website.  I look forward to bringing you more video game news!

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Ms. H
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Video Games: A New GTA is on its Way!


Grand Theft Auto V:  Trailer to be released November 2, 2011

Source of News:, Tim B. Martens, October 25, 2011

Article: Video Game News:  "Grand Theft Auto V" Officially on its Way

It's official.  Grand Theft Auto V's  trailer will be released  on November 2, 2011.  If you have been waiting for the next version of GTA to come out, your long wait may soon be over!  

Did you know that GTA is in the same category as Call of Duty in terms of popularity and sales?  According to the author of the article, GTA IV held the sales record for the most sales in one week -- with sales  of $500 million until Call of Duty took over the  top spot -- twice!  COD may repeat its sales records when Modern Warfare is released on November 8, 2011!  

What's new in GTA V?  Some of the "rumored" changes include new locales for the game.  For example, for the first time, an actual, real location (Los Angeles), will be the scene of the game, instead of a fictitious city.  There will also be new  characters, including voice acting by Robert DeNiro!

Ms. H's take: I have not played any of the GTA games, so unfortunately, I can not give you my thoughts about this game.  I have heard about some of the  mature content of the game , so this is a game I will probably not play.

However, based on the author stating that GTA is one of the largest video game franchises, it appears that there are a lot of people who like playing this game.  As the saying goes, to each his own, or even better -- Different strokes for different folks!

Regardless of the games content -- I'm impressed with the video game sales of this game, especially when compared with sales for Call of Duty!

My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website!  I have lots of other, exciting video game news to share with you!  Come back soon!

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Ms. H

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Video Games: And the Oscar for the Best Video Game Goes To...


Resistance 3 for the PS 3

Source of News:  AFP, Glenn Chapman, October 27, 2011

Article:  Video Game Makers Prepare Barrage of Blockbusters


Have you noticed all the video game commercials and ads lately!  The past few days,  I've seen many creative commercials for video games such as Dance Central 2 for the Kinect, Battlefield 3, and, Batman: Arkham City -- just to name a few.  I was not surprised that a barrage of video games, especially near the Holidays, is the topic of a video game news article!

Just as there are sometimes lots of runnings for the best picture for the Oscars or the Academy Awards, the jury is still out, in my opinion as to the game that will take the honors as the best game of the year.  It would be great if more than one game could be selected!

The video game makers are bringing out lots of "big gun" video games for your gaming pleasure in competition for your gaming dollars! The good thing about this competition, is that with such a wide variety of exciting games to choose from, you, as a potential customer,  will certainly emerge victoriously as the winner!

Would you like to know which  games will be vying for your video game playing dollars?  There are quite a lot of them!  Here is a partial list (in no particular order).  There are many, many more!

     1.  Battlefield 3:  Released  October 24, 2011 -- Broke first shooter sales records when released!

     2.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3:  -- Eagerly anticipated! COD hits the shelves early November, 2011!

     3.  Batman: Arkham City:  Released October 18, 2011.  PC release date is November 18, 2011! Met rave reviews!

     4.  Resistance 3 (pictured):  Made exclusively for the PS 3! Released September 6, 2011!

     5.  Sims:  Electronic Arts has added a pet-themed version to this game!

     6.  Rage:  Blends brilliant graphics with action! Released October 4, 2011! 

     7.  Uncharted 3:  Drakes Deception. Due out November 1, 2011! Contender for video game of the year! 

     8.  Assassin's Creed:  Due out mid November 2011!

     9.  Saint's Row The Third:  Due out mid November 2011!

     10. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom!  Due out mid November 2011!

     11.  Need for Speed: Due out mid November 2011!

     12. The Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim: Due out November 2011!

Here are pictures of some of the video  game covers.



Battlefield 3



Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3



Batman:  Arkham City



Uncharted 3:  Drake's Deception


Ms. H 's take: Enjoy!  Entertaining video games are all Oscar winners in my book!

My minute is up!  Thanks for visiting my website.  I appreciate that you visited my website!  Come back very soon!

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Ms. H


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Video Games: Which Game Won as the Ultimate Video Game?


Portal 2

Source of News: Plugged In, Johnathan from Plugged In, October 21, 2011

Article:  Who Won What at the Golden Joystick Video Games Awards

Did you know there was a Golden Joystick Video Game Award recently held in London?  DId you also know that at this award event, a game won as the Ultimate Video Game, competing against Call of Duty: Black Ops, as well as other video games?   The game that won this Golden Joystick Video Game award was Portal 2, a puzzle game developed by Valve and published by Electronics Arts. This game won in the Alienware Game of the Year category.

The ultimate game of the year at this awards event is synonmous with a movie winning  the best picture in the academy awards. According to the author of this article,  Call of Duty:  Black Ops had to settle for taking the prize as the best shooter game.

Here is a scene from Portal 2.

There were other awards won during this event, including Sports game of the year won by Fifa 2011, Racing Game of the Year won by Grand Turismo 5 and Strategy Game of the Year won by Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Ms. H's take:  I am not famiiar with Portal 2, so I'm unable to give you my personal viewpoint of this game.  However, I do think, in my opinion, that  it's a little too early to decide an ultimate game of the year when we have a few months left in 2011!  

My minute is up! Thank you for visiting my website!  I appreciate that you stopped by!

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Ms. H 

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Video Games: Want to Watch Live, Streaming Video Games?


Starcraft II:  Watch video game competitions on Twitch TV!

Source of News:  TC, Leena Rao, October 26, 2011

Article:  Justin.TV Brings Live-Streamed Video Gaming Portal Switch TV to the iPhone

Did you know that back in June, 2011, Justin.TV launched Twitch TV?  Twitch TV is a web-based platform where the video game community can come together to watch live video game competitions.

Of the many competitive video games available to watch, one such game is Starcraft II (pictured).  Other games include Halo Reach, Call of Duty: Black Ops and more. 

The video game news here is that due to the popularity of Switch TV, you can now watch video game competitions as they happen on your iPhone!  There is a free OS app that is available for your iPhone where you can watch games, as well as browse game by game.

Here is art for Twitch TV.


Ms. H's take: I categorize Twitch TV with other video media such as Youtube, and live streaming web based mediums.  I think the difference here is video game competitions are real-time and you can watch as the game is being played.  The article stated that Justin.TV wants Twitch TV to be a one-stop-shop for video game competitions. Moving to mobile devices such as the iPhone is a method Justin.TV is using to meet this goal.

I have watched many video games being played, including Starcraft and Battlefield Bad Company, as well as many others.  I found watching video games to be enjoyable, as well as a learning experience.  From watching my family members playing video games expertly, I tried to emulate and learn how to  use strategies and skill in my game plays.  

In my opinion, it is fun to watch competitive video games real-time.  I think it is even more fun to "switch" and become part of the video game playing experience itself, in addition to being a spectator!

My minute is up!  I appreciate you visiting my website, and I look forward to your next visit!  Please return soon and visit often!

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Bye now,

Ms. H

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