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Video Games: Video Game Company Investments? What Say You?


Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 -- Released  October 25, 2011


Activision's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 -- Released November 8, 2011

Source of News:  The Gazette (Financial Post), Eric Lam, November 10, 2011

Article:  Video Game Makers' Profits Blowing Away Estimates

If you were asked to choose a business or company to invest in, would you choose the video game industry? According to the author, video games are billion dollar businesses worthy of the attention of any would be or current investor.

Of the many video game companies, the author chose to compare two  -- Electronics Arts vs. Activision. Games discussed were Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3 (pictured)  and Activision's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (pictured).

Electronic Arts estimates that  Battlefield 3 sold 5 million copies globally during its first week.  Since launching the franchise in 2002, it is estimated Electronic Arts has sold 50 million games in this series globally.

By comparison, it is too early to make a call on the number of  units  of Activision's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 that will sell during its first week; however, based upon the midnight lineups and the past performance history, this game is expected to perform strongly.  Overall the franchise has sold 114 million units  since it began as a second world war simulator game on the PC in 2003.

Activision's Call of Duty is a key driver of the company's results, making up a third of the company's revenues, while Electronic Arts appears to be more spread out in its porfolios.

According to Todd Mitchell, analyst with Brean Murray Carret & Co. LLC in New York, investors should be cautious because video game stocks are highly seasonal, with most video companies losing money in the March and June quarters, breaking even in September and making their profits in December.

Regarding the most recent stock performance as of this printing, Electronic Arts' stock has risen 40% so far this year with revenues of $731 million in U.S. dollars, up from $631 million in U.S. dollars from the previous year.  Activision has earnings of 7 cents per share, on revenues of $754 million in U.S. dollars with a forecast of sales of $558 million, trading currently at $13 per share.

Ms. H's take.  I am interested to know how Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will fare against Battlefield 3 after a full week of release has passed!  Unfortunately, I do not have much to offer regarding investment advice except  if you are thinking of investing in any companies --  be very cautious, even if you are a risk taker! 

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Video Games: Pinball FX 2 May Be Coming to OnLive!


Pinball FX 2 Paranormal for the Xbox 360

Source of News:, Ed Krassenstein
Article:  Zen Studios Hints that Pinball FX 2 May Come to OnLive Soon

Pinball FX 2 is a downloadable video game available for the Xbox 360.  From October 30, 2011 until November 2, 2011, if you already  downloaded Pinball FX 2,  Zen Studios had an offer for a free Paranormal table  (pictured) for the Xbox 360.  Hopefully you were able to take advantage of this offer if you were interested in playing Pinball FX 2 Paranormal. 

Pinball FX 2 is played by downloading various tables, with each table having a specific theme.

I was happy to watch a themed Pinball FX 2 game, Captain America,  being played by one of my family members.


Pinball FX 2:  Captain America table

I always enjoy watching my family members play and get very high scores winning video games, including downloadable games!

The news here is that even though  Pinball FX 2 tables are currently available for download only for the Xbox 360, eventually the tables may be available for download for Microsoft OnLive.

Here is the quote from Zen Studios in response of the question of whether Pinball FX 2 is coming to OnLive.

"....Actually guys, don't be surprised if you see this in the not too distant future."

The article states that due to Pinball FX 2's new set of achievements, worldwide scoreboards, table add-ons and multiplayer tournaments -- Pinball FX 2 will go well with OnLive.

Ms. H's take: Instead of asking why, I would ask why not make this game available for the PC based OnLive!  The graphics I saw as well as the expert game play by my family member, leaves no doubt with me that this game should be expanded to OnLive.  In fact, my family member won a tournament -- amassing a phenomenally large number of points on this competitive game.

In addition to the graphics, I liked the realistic sounds of the "flippers" on the video game pinball machine.

I think it was very creative on the table designers/developers' part, to have Captain America emerge from the table, and actually fight against the onslaught of pinballs.  Captain America was shown bending down on one knee, left arm behind his back and using the shield in his right hand to protect himself.   At the back  of the table  was another Captain America ready to protect himself aganst an alien villian!

I actually played Pinball FX 2 Paranormal for the Xbox 360!  I could easily handle the controls, and the pinballs moved in concert with my operation of  the levers.  Even though I do not like snakes, I think it was a good effect to have a snake appear on the left side of the video game pinball machine.

If I had to choose between the tables I saw, I would choose the Captain America table -- mainly because of the animated figures that appeared with the game.  However, to me both games were enjoyable to watch as well as to play!

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Video Games: Video Games That Lull You to Sleep?


Sims Social

Source of News:  OC Weekly, Video Games Humor, Mark Mai, November 9, 2011

Article:  5 Video Games that Put Me To Sleep

Are there any video games that put you to sleep?  I think we all know about drinking warm milk, counting sheep, exercise,  and other things that may help one to get to sleep -- but did you know there are video games that put the author, Mark Mai, to sleep?  The article is a personal one pertaining specifically to Mark Mai -- so just as a disclaimer, these are his views which you may not necessarily agree with.  In fact, you may have opposing views.

This article is in the video game humor section of the news source, and the video games are discussed in a positive light.  The author states that he finds playing these games rather enjoyable!

So without further ado, here is the  list of video games that put Mark Mai to sleep.

I believe for dramatic effect, he started with number 5 and counted down to number 1 as being the game that is most likely to put him to sleep.

5.  Animal Crossing, Wild World for the Nintendo DS:  According to the author, this game is virtual and mimics time in real life.  So if it is nighttime in real lifel, it is also nightime in the game.  The game plays nightime sleeping melodies and there is not much to do in the game except to fish or to redecorate your house.

4.  Persona 3 Personal for the PSP:  He equates this game to counting sheep because you are continuing climbing a flight of 264 stairs.  Each of the stairs are identical to the others.  You eventually encounter a battle -- which is the same battle, over and over again. To change the monotony, he states you may end up saying the character' s lines, just to have something different to do.

3.  Dragon Age 2 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC:  The author says he enjoys playing this RPG  game, and even got all the achievements in the first game. However, he stated the battle scenes only requires hitting the "A" button repeatedly, and that the video game environment is the same cave, just shown at different angles on the various levels of the game.  

2.  Euro Truck Simulator for the PC.  In this game, the author states you do the same things a truck driver does including adjusting rear view mirrors, etc.

1.  The Sims:  Emulates activities of the day that he states are not too exciting.

Here is a scene from Dragon Age 2.


Dragon Age 2

Ms. H's take:  This article caught my attention because I had not thought of video games as sleep inducers.  In fact, in each case, I believe you are using your brain cells to make decisions, no matter how routine, or repetitive, so I'm thinking the concentration itself would be enough to keep you awake instead of put you to sleep! 

Even though this news is in the humor category, in my opinion,  I would have to disagree that a video game would put someone to sleep, unless that person was already sleepy in the first place! But I guess it is possible to fall asleep while playing a video game --  which I would not recommend!  I believe a good night's sleep is important for good health!

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I will be making another change to my website for you!  For upcoming holidays, I will post  my Ms. H saying that is relevant to that specific holiday, followed by a new  Ms. H saying! I hope you will enjoy my change.  

Be on the look out for my Veteran's Day original Ms. H saying this Friday, November 11, 2011, followed by my new saying after the holiday!

Happy pre-Veterans Day everyone!  Remember and honor our veterans!

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Video Games: Are You Going to Any Midnight Releases for New Video Games!


Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3:  Release Date, November 8, 2011

Source of News:  The Viking View, Stephen Bowesox, November 4, 2011

Article:  New Video Games Hit the Market

According to the author, the  greatest number of new video game releases are expected out this winter, as never before experienced until now!  Included in the vast number of  games coming out are Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3 (pictured), Batman:  Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, Assassin's Creed, Revelations, and Battlefield 3.

As you know, many retail establishments offer midnight releases of video games, so you can be in the first group of video game players to get your copy of the latest video game!  In this article the author mentions thats someone he knew went to a midnight release of Gears of War 3 to get this game.  

In addition to being one of the first to receive the new game, he participated in different fun events! For example, at the midnight release of Gears of War 3, video game players had the
chance to receive a free copy and also had free pizza!
Here is art for Gears of War 3.

Gears of War 3:  Released September 20, 2011

If you do not already have Gears of War 3-- Here's what you can expect from the game.   In the epic finale of the Gears trilogy, Marcus Fenick returns to take on the remaining Locust horde. The Delta squad struggles to survive in a war-torn world, with Gears following.  However, hope to win the war is almost gone when the squad finds a way to end the war, once and for all. Take note that a lot of strategy is used in this game.

Ms. H's take:  Did you know that Gears of War 3 broke the record for the most pre-orders, and Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3 is expected to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest multiplayer video game this year?  Of course, the real numbers will not be known until the year's end.  

I am excited about all the video game offerings!   If you have not already pre-ordered your new video game, why not go to a midnight release that may be happening in your area and join the fun activities, where available!!

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Video Games: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will Be Out November 11, 2011!


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:  Release Date November 11, 2011

Source of News:  Toronto Sun, Tech Gaming, Steve Tilley, November 7, 2011

Article:  'Skyrim' Takes Players on Epic Journey

Do you play role playing video games?  Then you may already know that the follow-up to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released on November 11, 2011. This game is developed by Bethesda Softworks.

Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim  is part of the large number of pre-holiday video games being released in stores and on-line.  Of all the new or newly released games which include Call of Duty:  Modern Warfare 3, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and  Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (among many others), the author plans to concentrate on playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The article includes video game questions you can ask yourself before the game's release, such as who do you want to be, where do you want to go geographically, and how do you
want to battle.

There are ten playable race of characters you can play which includes a hardy Nord, which is the human natives of Skyrim, a reptilian Argonian who can breathe under water and can find under-water secrets, or the wood elves who can resist poison.

More information on the characters can be found at I visited this website and found out the website also includes a countdown clock for the release of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Here is cover art for Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.


Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim will be available for Windows 7, Sony PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

Ms. H's take:  I have not played or watched any role playing games, so I am unable to give you my views on the expected graphics or game play of  Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.  I am sharing this video game news with you in the event that you play role playing games and want to know some of the latest role playing video game offerings!

According to the comments following the Tech Gaming article, it appears as if this game will require lots of hours of play. In fact, the  author plans to take time off work for a week  to play this game, which to me is quite a commitment!

My recommendation, and my opinion is if you plan to play this game, remember to take breaks, leave the game and spend your time  doing other things as well.  Enjoy playing the game but keep in mind balance is key. As the saying goes, "Take time to smell the roses!"

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